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Is this Visions of Danger spell balanced for level 7?

So I am looking to homebrew a 7th level sorcerer spell because I am not entirely happy that the options match my characters theme. I have seen Visions of Danger in Pathfinder 2e and have made an ...
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Which roguish archetype and build will deliver maximum melee damage for a Bugbear rogue?

I'm an old school D&D player returning to the game with a vengeance after an absence of a few years and trying to process all the new races, class features and options that are currently available ...
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What is the damage output of an average level 20 character in dnd 5e? [closed]

I would like to know how much an average level 20 character is capable of doing per turn and per ten turns, and how much a level 20 party is capable of doing per turn and per ten turns. I intend on ...
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Is this half-feat version of sharpshooter balanced?

I am considering letting my players pick an altered version of the Sharpshooter feat, or replacing the existing one. The idea is to remove the -5/+10 mechanic and make it into a half-feat. We don't ...
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Is this Control Magic homebrew spell balanced? (Spell-stealing counterspell)

I based this off of Counterspell, with higher level requirement as it seems to me that it is generally a more useful spell. Control Magic Fifth level abjuration Casting Time: 1 reaction, when you see ...
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Does the Dueling Fighting Style deal more damage than an ASI?

The Fighting Initiate feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything allows anybody proficient with a martial weapon to pick up a Fighting Style option from the fighter class. For someone who does not ...
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Is this Tirnani homebrew race balanced?

In ages past, a vast empire of beast folk ruled the lands after driving destructive elementals from it. In time, they grew corrupt and enslaved a race of druidic fae folk to their service, so they ...
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How does the critical hit positive feedback loop affect average damage?

In the One D&D Character Origins UA, it mentions that rolling a nat 20 on an attack roll grants inspiration. This can then be used to give the PC advantage on their next attack, giving them a ...
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What deals more damage on a weapon, +1 to hit or +1 to damage?

Background: I'm introducing masterwork items for 5e as a homebrew rule, both to help players spend surplus gold on something useful when they cannot buy magic items, and to make shopping a bit more ...
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Are there statistics on how many encounters-per-day most tables have? [closed]

Is there a consensus on how many combat encounters most players experience in a DnD 5E adventuring day? From the DMG, pg 84: Assuming typical adventuring conditions and average luck, most ...
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Is there an accepted likelihood of hitting that is consistent across tiers, and how has it been determined?

One can easily calculate DPR given a specific build (knowing proficiency bonus, ability scores, other relevant factors) and the AC of opponents, leading to spreadsheets with a matrix of customizable ...
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Can I use the Monster Stats in the DMG to estimate a party's damage output?

I'm designing an encounter where the party has to hold off hordes of baddies that are trying to break through a set of doors, so designing the encounter really hinges on how much damage per round the ...
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How many rounds does the average combat encounter last?

I am trying to create a simple way to track ammunition for my upcoming sandbox game. In this system, players will buy ammunition in (for lack of a better word) "packets". One packet of ammunition ...
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Are there guidelines for party stats by CR?

The 5e DMG provides a table of average monster stats (damage per round, AC, etc.) by CR, along with a set of modifiers to account for special abilities and resistances. Is there a similar set of ...
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Is the old "Linear Fighters Quadratic Wizards" problem still around in 5e Basic?

(This question is a comparison to 3.x, though things might have been different in 4e) In 3.5e there is a large power and capability gap between fighters and wizards that fighters couldn't hope to ...
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