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Is the old "Linear Fighters Quadratic Wizards" problem still around in 5e Basic?

(This question is a comparison to 3.x, though things might have been different in 4e) In 3.5e there is a large power and capability gap between fighters and wizards that fighters couldn't hope to ...
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Is this monster in Lost Mines of Phandelver too much for a group of level 3 characters?

My group of 8 level 3 players are about to run through the Thundertree Ruins and will probably have a hand at fighting the dragon. My question stems from the fact that a single poison breath attack ...
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Is there an accepted likelihood of hitting that is consistent across tiers, and how has it been determined?

One can easily calculate DPR given a specific build (knowing proficiency bonus, ability scores, other relevant factors) and the AC of opponents, leading to spreadsheets with a matrix of customizable ...
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What deals more damage on a weapon, +1 to hit or +1 to damage?

Background: I'm introducing masterwork items for 5e as a homebrew rule, both to help players spend surplus gold on something useful when they cannot buy magic items, and to make shopping a bit more ...
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Which Fighter (TWF Fighter vs. Great Weapon Fighter) is better optimized for Dealing Damage?

With Basic's release the Fighter is given six different Fighting Styles to choose from at level 1. Each fighting style offers a solid mechanical benefit to the fighter, but both Great Weapon Fighting ...
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How can I make a single level 20 Warlock/Paladin a climactic challenge for a party of 4 level 12 PCs?

So, I know this question seems silly on face because of the level disparity (and I'd even be willing to adjust the character level down if necessary) but what I'm most concerned about are action ...
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How many rounds does the average combat encounter last?

I am trying to create a simple way to track ammunition for my upcoming sandbox game. In this system, players will buy ammunition in (for lack of a better word) "packets". One packet of ammunition ...
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Is this Control Magic homebrew spell balanced? (Spell-stealing counterspell)

I based this off of Counterspell, with higher level requirement as it seems to me that it is generally a more useful spell. Control Magic Fifth level abjuration Casting Time: 1 reaction, when you see ...
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Can I use the Monster Stats in the DMG to estimate a party's damage output?

I'm designing an encounter where the party has to hold off hordes of baddies that are trying to break through a set of doors, so designing the encounter really hinges on how much damage per round the ...
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Which roguish archetype and build will deliver maximum melee damage for a Bugbear rogue?

I'm an old school D&D player returning to the game with a vengeance after an absence of a few years and trying to process all the new races, class features and options that are currently available ...
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How does the critical hit positive feedback loop affect average damage?

In the One D&D Character Origins UA, it mentions that rolling a nat 20 on an attack roll grants inspiration. This can then be used to give the PC advantage on their next attack, giving them a ...
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Are there guidelines for party stats by CR?

The 5e DMG provides a table of average monster stats (damage per round, AC, etc.) by CR, along with a set of modifiers to account for special abilities and resistances. Is there a similar set of ...
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Is this half-feat version of sharpshooter balanced?

I am considering letting my players pick an altered version of the Sharpshooter feat, or replacing the existing one. The idea is to remove the -5/+10 mechanic and make it into a half-feat. We don't ...
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Is this Tirnani homebrew race balanced?

In ages past, a vast empire of beast folk ruled the lands after driving destructive elementals from it. In time, they grew corrupt and enslaved a race of druidic fae folk to their service, so they ...
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How would this extra spellcasting rule affect game balance?

I once heard of a D&D 5th edition group who played using various house rules. One such rule was as follows: As a bonus action, a spellcaster may cast any cantrip, 1st level spell, or 2nd level ...
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Is this Visions of Danger spell balanced for level 7?

So I am looking to homebrew a 7th level sorcerer spell because I am not entirely happy that the options match my characters theme. I have seen Visions of Danger in Pathfinder 2e and have made an ...
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Does the Dueling Fighting Style deal more damage than an ASI?

The Fighting Initiate feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything allows anybody proficient with a martial weapon to pick up a Fighting Style option from the fighter class. For someone who does not ...
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Homebrew Monk Subclass - Way of the Unbreakable Fist

I made a subclass a long while ago, revolving around the idea of a monk who wears metal gloves to do different types of unarmed damage. The core concept of the class is to be a high damage subclass, ...
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What is the damage output of an average level 20 character in dnd 5e? [closed]

I would like to know how much an average level 20 character is capable of doing per turn and per ten turns, and how much a level 20 party is capable of doing per turn and per ten turns. I intend on ...
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Are there statistics on how many encounters-per-day most tables have? [closed]

Is there a consensus on how many combat encounters most players experience in a DnD 5E adventuring day? From the DMG, pg 84: Assuming typical adventuring conditions and average luck, most ...
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How powerful is this homebrew Barbarian Path of the Colossus compared to other martial subclasses?

As DnD 5e has aged it's become more clear that Martial classes lack a fair amount compared to their spellcasting companions. They offer less utility, fewer defensive options, and in some cases fail to ...
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