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Advantage to a literal "Army of Darkness"

If an army composed entirely of creatures that have darkvision leveraged their ability by attacking only a night, how significant would their advantage be? Under normal circumstances, darkvision is ...
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Can an invisible creature be flanked by surrounding it?

If you have an invisible creature totally surrounded on all sides (and know for practical reasons it can't escape), like this: … are all those surrounding it flanking it?
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How to optimize a rogue for highest attacks/round and damage/attack?

Using only the 3.5e Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, how can I make my rogue the most powerful possible? What I have so far: Professor Peppy Littleman - Halfling rogue, level 5 ...
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Low-Light, Darkvision and nightfall

I can't seen to find the relevant rules to make this clear for me: low-light vision specifies that its bearers can "see twice as far" as a human in conditions including moonlight and starlight, and ...
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Poor visibility and cliffs

I have a situation where several of my party members will be fighting in a treacherous canyon, with rope bridges, zip lines, and a lot of angry gnolls. Some of the gnoll clerics may be prone to ...
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Does Invisibly Sneak Attacking a target with Tremorsense leave them Flat Footed?

I need to know how tremor sense works with sneak attack and invisibility. Normally when a something is invisible they have no problems walking upto someone else and getting a sneak attack. The thing ...
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Can an invisible creature use its gaze attack?

Can an invisible creature use its gaze atack? Or, do I have to see a creature with gaze attack to be affected by its gaze? Assume the creature does not stop being invisible by attacking. I think the ...
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Underwater tug-of-war

The question: My friend's character is helpless underwater (a sea hag reduced his STR to 0), and is being dragged away by an octopus (that just inked the area) and has him grappled. Can my character ...
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Can Listen be used to pinpoint the location of an invisible enemy?

I know I will still have to deal with the miss chance from concealment, but can I use Listen to at least find which square to attack?
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Does a Bodak's gaze attack work on an invisible target?

Does a Bodak's Death Gaze attack work on a creature that is invisible? Or does the Bodak need to actively be able to see the creature to use the attack? I am running a D&D 3.5 campaign and ...
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How quiet is a creature that's not moving?

A typical adventurer in a breastplate and employing a heavy wooden shield suffers a −6 armor check penalty on appropriate skills, including the Move Silently skill. But, with that in mind, what's the ...
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How does Scent interact with Mirror Image?

From what I undestand, scent lets you pinpoint the square's direction that a creature occupies. Scent reads, in part: The creature detects another creature’s presence but not its specific ...
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Hide while fighting

I would like to do the following: Someone throws a Smokestick or casts a Fog cloud spell, so the fighter and his enemy are both has concealment. The fighter has Improved Diversion. First, he takes an ...
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How is miss chance calculated if a caster has Entropic shield active and is inside Darkness spell?

My question is simple. I have a warlock that has following invocations: Darkness: "This spell causes an object to radiate shadowy illumination out to a 20-foot radius. All creatures in the area ...
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According to the Rules Compendium, can I charge through a square that would hamper my movement as long as it isn't difficult terrain?

According to the Rules Compendium, can I charge through a square that would hamper my movement as long as it isn't difficult terrain? Under "Initiating a Charge" (p. 27), it says: If you don’t ...
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