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Essential Reading for New GM/DM [duplicate]

I'm preparing to take the plunge into GM'ing. What would you be consider essential reading for a new gm? Books, websites, etc.? I really want to focus in on being a good story teller.
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Worried first time DM/general player of DnD seeking advice! [duplicate]

I need whatever help I can get with my first ever DnD session! To be honest, I have little to no experience with roleplaying games. I used to roleplay with my friends, but I wouldn't consider that ...
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How can I find other RPG players?

I'd really like to learn how to play pen-and-paper RPGs. I know that it takes a few players to actually sit down and play, but I'm not at all sure where to find more gamers. How do I find existing ...
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What is the single most influential book every GM should read? [closed]

If you had your career as a GM to start again, what book would you wish to have read before you started on the path of learning to be a GM. This needn't be restricted to RPG source and rulebooks of ...
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What role-playing games have good gamemaster advice sections? [closed]

Which RPG's, in your experience, have good advice for gamemasters in their rulebooks, both for novice and experienced gamemasters? Please keep in mind that this question is not about good games for ...
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How can an experienced GM improve without watching other GMs?

I've been running role-playing games on and off for years, mostly D&D going all the way back to first edition. I was the first person in my town to get the hobby bug when I was a boy, and so I was ...
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How do I get better at narrating/storytelling as a GM?

Personally, I've always had difficulty telling coherent stories, even from my own experiences. My wife has even coined a term (jokingly) for the type of story I tell, one that either makes no sense, ...
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Finding online RPG players for a play-by-chat RPG Campaign?

I'm thinking of running a Pathfinder campaign for Skype (text only) and I don't have a group of players. How can I go about recruiting people for play-by-chat games instead of in-person? Are there any ...
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Where can I find actual play podcasts for RPGs? [closed]

I'm hoping to listen to podcasts of a variety of different games, to get some idea of what's out there to be played--but a lot of the ones I seem to find (such as The Rolemonkeys) seem to be out of ...
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What can I do as a new DM, when my players know more about the game mechanics than me?

I'm planning to start a campaign with all my friends, who are frequent Dnd players. I've been in a couple of their campaigns before, and had fun of course, but never REALLY understood much of the ...
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Differences Between Freeform and Rules-heavy Roleplay

I am a relatively new DM...okay I actually haven't ever RUN a campaign. The closest I have come to was running a short, 2-encounter dungeon against Manticores and a Raksasha that summoned a Grey ...
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Where can I find transcripts of actual game sessions? [closed]

Some of us are getting together to play an RPG, but not everyone has been in one before. One of the prospective players has asked me for a transcript or something they could read to get a sense of ...
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Where to find game session reports? [closed]

Is there a place on the internet that gather stories of rpg game sessions? I've read some on game-specific websites but is there a common place to read other's tales?
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How can I learn about other editions of D&D?

I am presently a 4e player, and I love the game. But I am also interested in the other editions of the game, and would like to be able to get a good overview of them. By overview I mean a good look ...
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How much preparation do I need to run the D&D Starter Set?

I've got a group of three, maybe four people and we're completely new. What's the best and quickest way to start with the starter set without finding other people? Is playing through The Lost Mines Of ...
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