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Is there any limits to what a DM can do? [duplicate]

I play D&D with my friends, and our DM sent us on a quest to poison someone with wine. It turns out there was a bomb on the bottom of the bottle, which exploded and killed us all. Are there any ...
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Problems with Party Formation: "You're the DM, you can figure it out."

Sort of related to Is it wrong to ask a player to justify their character's actions? Scenario Player 1 wants to be a male drow necromancer that reveres Kiaransalee. Player 2 wants to be a male ...
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Can the DM forbid my character from using certain weapons because he "doesn't like them"?

My friends and I have recently become interested in playing D&D and one of my friends has chosen to play the DM for us because he has the most knowledge of the game. He's been helping each of us ...
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Is a pregnant creature considered a single entity for spells such as Banishment? [closed]

Using the D&D 5e RPG system. We'll use a Brown Bear and the spell Banishment as an example. What, if anything, occurs when you attempt to cast such a spell on a creature that is currently pregnant?...
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Players argue and don't accept rulings to the point of arguments

I have been running a long, epic campaign for 2 years now. Players have come and gone over time; about half have stayed since the beginning. But since they acquired a higher level and well as ...
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How do I handle a group that does not understand the 'assumption rule'?

1st rule of D&D (as of 3rd edition/pathfinder): The GM is the final arbiter on all rules. I understand this, completely, and do not disagree. That said, I'm having trouble with a group that doesn'...
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Abuse: Is it fair if it's in-game?

I play a half-orc barbarian, while everyone else in our group is dwarven or elven. So in a town heavily-populated by dwarves, my character received a fair share of abuse, which is to be expected. ...
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Is the DM Always Right?

I recently got into a disagreement with my DM for a DND 5E game regarding a use of Prestidigitation. The argument was that since it could create a Non-Magical Trinket, and Music Boxes are ...
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Using a rash decision to move gameplay forward

I DM'd my first game recently, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and most of the group were pretty lax about the quality of it all, so it all went fairly smoothly. However, there is one thing ...
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What is a social contract?

The concept of "social contract" comes up in discussions of group dynamics and RPG theory. We even have a tag for social-contract. But there is no good, easily-found definition online anywhere. Our ...
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What's wrong at our table and how do we fix it?

I'm a player at a table, and we are running a DM's homebrew world. Over 6 levels, I have received 3 magic items that are non combat focused. The shops do not keep items and every fight is almost fatal....
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My DM's ruled that all spells cast in armor are subject to Arcane Spell Failure. Can you change his mind?

My Fighter wants to multiclass into Bard, and continue wearing heavy armor; I'd just avoid spells with somatic components, since only spells with somatic Components worry about an armor's Arcane Spell ...
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Can the DM break the rule of maximum starting money?

The DM has the power to break and add rules, but can they change the starting money? What is the starting money? Even if the DM can change the amount, how much can he/she give? In the campaign I'm ...
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How should I deal with a player who wants to circumvent combat when the rest of the party wants to fight?

I'm a very new DM running a homebrew DnD 5e campaign for a couple of friends. One of my players, who is by far the most experienced, plays a bard who is definitely optimised for roleplay, and that ...
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What is the limit of the DM's power over the PCs? [closed]

Can a DM take your equipment away or affect your player character directly? This sounds a bit impossible for a story teller to do. I don't personally believe that the DM should be seen as a god in the ...

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