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The D&D 3.5 FAQ states "the most current sourcebook is considered correct and all previous sources are superseded." Is this absolute?

Complete Arcane and Spell Compendium state "Of course, if you’re playing with older material and it’s working fine in your game, you shouldn’t feel compelled to change." So can a previous source still ...
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When was the first instance of "If you don't like the rules, change them." in a rulebook?

In the past, we determined that The GM is Always Right is stemming from the early heydays of Dungeons and Dragons and its origin in games like Chainmail, though the Braunstein games might also be a ...
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What happens to a flying creature when it is caught in an anchored Web spell?

Suppose I cast web so it is anchored by two trees. A flying creature without hover starts its turn in the web. According to the description of web: You conjure a mass of thick, sticky webbing at a ...
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D&D 3.5e - Knowledge Devotion bonuses are transferable: is my logic sound?

It seems sensible to present all the evidence first, but if it's all TL;DR then feel free to scroll straight down to the Argument. I'm looking to find out if my logic is sound and my conclusions are ...
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How has the focus on roleplaying versus combat in D&D changed in the years since its inception? [closed]

There was recently a post bemoaning the lack of "real roleplaying" in the current RPG community (specifically in the D&D Adventurers League), suggesting that, since some point in its history, more ...
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When is it appropriate to contest a DM? [closed]

Ι am struggling to find helpful information about when it is appropriate for a player to challenge a DM's decision. There was a recent question which triggered this "old chestnut" for me: ...
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