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What is wrong with the D&D 3.5 FAQ?

I've heard from several places that the D&D 3.5 FAQ is generally a bad place to find information about the rules of the game. I don't really understand this distrust, since it's an official ...
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Using a rash decision to move gameplay forward

I DM'd my first game recently, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and most of the group were pretty lax about the quality of it all, so it all went fairly smoothly. However, there is one thing ...
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How do I deal with players persistently arguing for rules loopholes, even after I've tried to finalise my rulings?

TL:DR question is at the bottom. I'm pretty new to being a DM (2nd run) and started with a party of 6 (I know, it's a tough way to start) players who are all incredibly inexperienced. We had a session ...
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How does D&D 5e compare to AD&D 2e?

I played 1st and 2nd edition AD&D a lot back in the day. But when 3rd edition came out, I dropped out of the hobby. Partly I just couldn't be bothered to re-learn the rules. The conversion systems,...
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As a DM, how much freedom does one have to create new rules for use in game?

In order to add customization to my game, I'd like to add new rules that change certain traits or strengths from different races and classes. Is this allowed or not?
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Differences between 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder?

4th Edition took D&D on a very different path from 3.5, and Pathfinder (often referred to by players as 3.75) filled the niche of the continued evolution of the 3.x system. I enjoy Pathfinder ...
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Where and when did "the GM is always right" get codified first?

In a recent answer about GM-ming in D&D, I had to resort to a certain "universal" rule I'm familiar with: “the GM is always right”. Upon this doppelgreener correctly pointed out that it ...
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What is Rule Zero? [closed]

What is "Rule Zero" as it relates to D&D 5e? I read How has D&D's guidance to DMs on when to extrapolate from written rules and when to improvise changed over time?, but it only ...
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Is FATE a suitable system for a dungeon crawl?

I usually play and run campaigns of a story-based, narrative nature, and have long been drawn to the FATE system, although I have only recently had a chance to start looking at it in depth. I am ...
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What is the source of the "rulings not rules" statement?

Questions and answers here often say things like, "5e is a game of rulings, not rules". I think there's sufficient evidence to support that interpretation (for instance, the introduction to ...
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Can surprise be granted by another skill than Dexterity (Stealth)?

As a DM, I'm wondering if allowing a group to use social skills instead of stealth in some situations would still be within the rules or fall under the house rules category. I have in mind a group of ...
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How to model an absolute condition in Fate?

I'm thinking of running FATE, and read in one book (I think it's Dresden Files RPG) that Aspects can replace situational modifiers. However, situational modifiers in other games take place all the ...
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What happens to a levitating character catching something heavy in 2nd Edition D&D?

I was listening to the Nerd Poker podcast, where Which got me wondering what would have happened if the levitating character had been in a position to catch this 400-pound falling giant. It's well ...
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Can the DM interfere with a spell?

Can the DM add in obstacles such as by adding weather, a low class creature accidentally bumping in to the caster, or just a simple acorn falling out of a tree to disrupt a spell?
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What was the first published appearance of the Holy Avenger (or Holy Sword, or similar "holy" weapons meant for paladins) in the Forgotten Realms?

Anyone who has ever played D&D surely knows of the holy avenger, the mighty magical sword whose true power manifests only in the hands of a paladin. For purposes of a campaign to be set in the ...
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