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What's the limit of GM forcing things for the players' enjoyment? [duplicate]

We all know the dice's outcomes may be unpleasant, expecially in the case of story events, when players may feel that they had no control on something except rolling the dice higher. Should the ...
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"Fudging" dice rolls - how important is it? [duplicate]

Similar to the Fate Fudge dice, sometimes a DM might "Fudge" a dice roll (without using the actual Fudge dice). I.e., they might make a roll pass/fail, regardless of what is on the actual dice. For ...
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Players constantly capture enemies and question them, how to deal with it?

I'm running a campaign for five sixth level players and the bard has hypnotic pattern. Whenever the party runs into any fights with enemies who can speak, they always find some way of making an enemy ...
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Am I too new to try DMing once?

I am pretty new to Pencil and Paper RPG's, at this point I have been playing a loose interpretation of D&D3.5 for a couple of months. Probably about 6 sessions. But I don't know a lot of the RAW ...
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Should I show the health of enemies?

This is my first time hosting a PnP session, and one issue I've run into is whether to let players know the health of their enemies. Should I show them the monster's HP number, or describe in varying ...
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How can I balance encounters with a party consisting of a sorcerer, monk, rogue, and fighter?

Made a rookie mistake of letting my players (who have never played DnD) choose what class to play without discussing with me or each other, and we ended up with no healer. We've already played quite a ...
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Am I a bad DM for fudging rolls?

I run a small game with 4 new players. This is my first ever homebrew campaign (we are only 4 sessions in). I don't fully know how to reach the end since I wanted to make a more open world campaign. I ...
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Adjusting Combat Balance

My Problem My players all seem to have +5 defenses and attacks over the monsters, in addition to the health and more deadly abilities... and they're in appropriate gear for their level (+2 gear at ...
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As a DM, do you have the authority to fudge the rules?

As a general rule, I try not to fudge the rules unless it hurts my players' fun not to do so. In the final encounter of my last scenario, an NPC I had written as a hook into the next adventure was ...
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When should I kill a PC? [closed]

Death is inevitable, and an important mechanic designed to kill the egos of players. However, it can be fun to have your player characters die, albeit rarely. As a DM, I've made it my mission to ...
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Should I give my players the stats of the NPCs they control?

I'm running a game of Savage Worlds in which my players, as seems to be the norm in the system, end up in command of a group of human and kobold soldiers. As with most things in Savage Worlds I want ...
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