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How should a GM deal with sexuality in an RPG?

I think it's a matter of fact that since the first moment a player realizes that he or she can interact with someone of the opposite sex romantically within the game, things get hairy. I had my fair ...
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My players have a habit of always torturing enemies they capture for information, how can I make our adventure less macabre? [closed]

So I'm running the lost mines of Phandelver as a new DM and we're about 5 sessions in. I've noticed a pattern that seems to repeat itself: the players defeat and capture an evil NPC character that ...
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How to fix a terrible lapse in judgement

Trigger warning: sexualized violence In the gaming group I run, I said at the very first day that this was going to be a very "adult" campaign. I told them I wasn't going to pull punches, ...
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Is it appropriate to address characters by their race in D&D?

Simply, calling an elf an elf or a dwarf a dwarf in a non-defamatory, non-insulting way: is it justified to call this out as racist language in a D&D game? More specifically, we have a player, ...
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How can I reasonably prevent Manual of Bodily Health abuse? [closed]

I'm running D&D 5e. My players have recently come into possession of a Manual of Bodily Health. The very first thing they thought of was how to abuse it. They are planning on reading it and then ...
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How to deal with a PC being played as homophobic?

I’m about to start a sci-fi campaign using Ultramodern5 (a modification of D&D 5e for non-fantasy settings). I’ve been working with players to help build their characters, and one player character ...
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Dealing with a Repeatedly Cheating Friend

I'm the GM of a long-running online Vampire: the Masquerade campaign. Three years ago, we had a new (and young) player who cheated on dice rolls. I kicked him out. A while later, he messaged me to ...
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How can I check if a new group is OK with a plotline from an ethical standpoint without spoiling the plot?

TL;DR: I am unsure if the plotline I planned is "too dark" for a new group, and would like to discuss the level of grit with them without spoiling the plotline. How can I do this? I am ...
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How to stop a player from looking up monster stat blocks in combat?

In my 5th edition Eberron campaign I have a player who is determined to metagame in combat which makes it really hard for the others to actually get much enjoyment. Recently the problem player gained ...
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Can I keep playing a character who annoys other PCs?

Context This question is about an online community campaign. We are around 20 players who play in a persistent universe where anyone can run a game as a GM. The system is Pathfinder 2e and players can ...
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What do I do if my players are acting in a way that is meta-gaming and are refusing to accept my decision?

The Situation I have a party of 5 players all sleeping in a barn on an abandoned farm at night. This is near the beginning of the campaign and each player likes having little secrets about each other....
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How to help player quickly make a decision when they have no way of knowing which option is best

I am a semi-beginner DM (ran 2 campaigns, a bunch of oneshots and a few dungeon crawls so I’m not completely new but I don’t consider myself super experienced either) and a problem that I now have ...
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One of my PCs unknowingly slept with his sister [closed]

So some background: 3 sessions into the campaign, we arrived in Neverwinter and went to the nearest inn. At this inn, one of the barmaids started to flirt with our Paladin. Our paladin had sworn an ...
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How do I use God as an NPC while being sensitive to players' real-life religious beliefs?

I'm currently running a 3-year long campaign that is coming to an ending in which God is likely to appear as an NPC. Since this is the end of the campaign I won't need to manage it for very long, but ...
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How to approach sexual violence so that it adds to the narrative?

The popularity of this question has left me a bit confused as how exactly a GM can include sexual violence in their game. Let's assume that you have a mix of male and female players and characters and ...
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