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If a wizard Wyrm Wizard adds True Creation to his spell list via Spell Research (Ex), can he replicate it via Shades?

Spell Research (Ex): One of the greatest advantages that you gain from consulting draconic lore is the ability to unlock magical secrets forbidden to other wizards. Starting at 2nd level, select one ...
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Rules for creating new Warlock invocations [duplicate]

I see that there is only a post on the website with rules for creating a new spell (Rules for creating new spells?), and I have a similar question: How can I create a new (normal, non-epic) invocation?...
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Can a Magus learn Wizard spells by conducting independent research?

By the rules of non-downtime Independent Research: Independent Research A wizard can also research a spell independently, duplicating an existing spell or creating an entirely new one. The cost to ...
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How can the spell blood frenzy be put in an eternal wand?

My barbarian needs more rage, so I'd like to equip the party with an eternal wand of blood frenzy, but an eternal wand can only employ an arcane spell. How can an eternal wand (Magic Item Compendium ...
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Pricing a homebrew magical item allowing the use of a random spell

Most of my players are magic users, so I created a homebrew wondrous magic item that I hope they will find slightly useful and mostly enjoyable for many game sessions to come (they are mostly level 6 ...
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What spells below spell level 6th from ANY spell list allow for protection from harmful effects from hostile plane environments?

I am playing a 5th-level character in a campaign, planning to advance through the chameleon prestige class from Races of Destiny. We are being heavily hinted at needing to go to the plane of a ...
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What exactly is the scope of Wish?

So I've been looking at various questions about the spell "Wish" on this site, and I'm seeing a lot of people respond with the list of things wish can do reliably from the player's handbook, and ...
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How can I make a Warforged large?

Because of my inexperience, I made a Warforged tripper, and expected the party wizard to cast Enlarge Person on me when battles were predicted. He is perfectly willing, but we just realized a ...
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What does "lower item cost " in magic item creation cost mean?

In Creating Magic Items in the table "Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values" under "Base Price Adjustments" it says for multiple different abilites that the price adjustment is to "multiply the ...
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Is there any way to magically detect treasure long-distance?

Inspired by the recent news item about the Swiss farmer discovering a hoard of 4,000+ Roman coins, it seems reasonable that frontier residents of a fantasy world beset by invading Orcs, dragons, etc. ...