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Help, a player won't stop hitting on every female NPC!

I wanted to play a female GMPC to guide the party through the story. It was also during this time that one of the characters had died also and been replaced by a new character. Within minutes of ...
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How to have enemies that use tactics while also making sure that the encounter is fun for all players?

I am currently running a 5e game for a party of 5 players (level 3). I tend to make my enemies use tactics. My encounters involving a large number of low-CR enemies tend to have roles (so a tank, some ...
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Do bards have to make sounds to cast spells?

Bard spellcasting is described as In the worlds of D&D, words and music are not just vibrations of air, but vocalizations with power all their own. The bard is a master of song, speech, and the ...
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How to help a player create a character with more long term motivations?

I am currently DMing a campaign for a player that I will call Will and 2 others. To start off, Will is not really a problem player despite this question being tagged as such. He is engaged in the game,...
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How to involve a PC who just waits to be talked to?

Our group is running through a campaign setting where, among other things, Inquisitors are universally feared persecutors of magic users. (Shocking and original, I know.) The GM's girlfriend has just ...
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What do I do if my players are acting in a way that is meta-gaming and are refusing to accept my decision?

The Situation I have a party of 5 players all sleeping in a barn on an abandoned farm at night. This is near the beginning of the campaign and each player likes having little secrets about each other....
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Can I make attacks non-lethal?

Sometimes my party is being incredibly stupid, and it makes me want to punch them in game for being stupid. An example of this is trying to use a party member as a live test subject for a mushroom ...
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What should I do about another player who randomly starts PVP?

Characters (both players, both level 9): Me: Life cleric and party healer/support "Barb": Beast barbarian with split personalities (in character) We have a player (let's say "Barb&...
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How to Prevent Player Apathy Despite Cosmic Retcons?

In the cosmology of Awakening, some entities - primarily Archmages, but also some more abstract forces - can retroactively rewrite huge parts of the world as we know it. We're talking about changes ...
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Balancing help for homebrew warlock subclass

I have created a 5e warlock subclass heavily inspired by the leshen (specifically, an ancient leshen described in the Book of beautiful horrors). While overall I am very happy with the outcome, I ...
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What should I do if my character is deeply related to a villain that they are loyal to (the villain has recently revealed themselves)?

I feel stuck as a character between a choice of my party or the villain. I know that I want to help the party, but my character is loyal to this person (who they had no idea of where they were) who ...
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My Character feels useless compared to the party

We’re playing Tomb of Annihilation. Three of us are goliath brothers. Me and another are barbarians and the other is a druid. Our newest player is an elf ranger. My backstory is that I come from a ...
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LMoP: Smelter Cavern confusion - Spoilers!

I'm DMing Lost Mine of Phandelver and my players just bolted from the great hall through the Smelter Cavern towards the easternmost area. They Given that, according to the module text, I'm ...
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How can we streamline a game with seven players in DnD 5e?

The question is: how do I balance gameplay when it comes to initiative? The game is in person, every other week or so. My party is comprised of 7 players, two of whom are noobs. I, myself, and also ...
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How do I keep a party together when they have conflicting goals?

I'm running a Starfinder game, and we are 40 sessions into this campaign. The campaign involves the fate of a small but strategically important settlement, which several factions are vying for control ...

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