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What if one PC wants to do something without party?

As a player, how would you approach your DM about your character doing something out of session that neither the others players/party wouldn't witness.? (Example, asking to sneak away from the party) ...
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Did I overstep the players' agency by forcefully resolving conflict between one player and the rest of the group? [closed]

In my last game, conflict emerged between one of my players (let's call him Bob) and the rest of the team. Finally, I (as GM) stepped into it and forced the player to give up. Backstory A session ...
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Is it possible to play as a necromancer skeleton?

I am a new DM. One of my players, my boyfriend, wants to be a necromancer skeleton that basically can't die, sort of like Voldemort with the horcrux. We are starting off at level 1. Is it at all ...
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My group member is displaying disturbing behavior, what do I do?

As the DM, I am becoming more and more deeply disturbed with one of our party members. Here’s a list of things he keeps doing. attacking party members tried to rape a widow (asked if he needed to ...
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How to avoid splitting the party when dealing with a conflict of interests

In the campaign where I'm currently playing, a majority of the PCs worship the same deity and knew each other prior to the start of the campaign. One player, however, is playing a character who was ...
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How can I play a character who is scared without disrupting the gameplay?

I'm playing a character in a DnD setting who decided to become an adventurer because it sounded like fun, not seriously considering how dangerous it would be. Our DM has us running a campaign with a ...
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Evil Campaigns: How to explain the difference between being evil and being a jerk?

My friend has recently started running an evil campaign. His players are having serious difficulty telling the difference between comitting evil deeds and doing random things that are evil acts. ...
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Help, a player won't stop hitting on every female NPC!

I wanted to play a female GMPC to guide the party through the story. It was also during this time that one of the characters had died also and been replaced by a new character. Within minutes of ...
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Problematic player constantly looking to power play

I have a problematic player who is constantly looking to power play. The last campaign consisted of them asking for a large number of uncommon magic items. Thier argument was if they are uncommon , ...
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As a player, I am approaching a situation where "My Guy" syndrome seems inevitable and almost appropriate. What can I do to soften any problems?

Alright, so this problem takes a bit of background to explain, but in a nutshell: Having talked with the other players in the group, and having seen how things play out in-session with the party, ...
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How should I respond to a player who roleplays too selfishly?

In our last session, a player of mine spent the last 30 min blowing up on me for "restricting" her character's story, and the story of the campaign, when I would not allow her to bring back another ...
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Hide an artifact [closed]

In my D&D 5e campaign my players have found an artifact, to be specific a Necronomicon (which is more or less a spellbook) and now they carried it around. Most of the abilities of the book are ...
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My 5e character isn't very fun. How do I kill them off?

I'm playing an 8th level Valor bard, and she's basically The Load (warning: TVTropes link) at this point- high-combat campaign, so not a lot of charisma stuff to do, and really doesn't have any ...
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How can I convey my disappointment in players ignoring huge hints

Yesterday's game was nice and intense, but at some point my fellow players disappointed me, heavily. We're not allowed to say technical things about the game. Basically we had this dragon that was ...
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How can I tell the DM that I wasn't having fun and that I fault him for it?

Yesterday I was playing a one-shot DnD 5e and didn't expect that I would become salty. The Adventure The one-shot started at level 5 and I made a Sharpshooter\Fighter and my character was Neutral Good....

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