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Is not helping a dying PC party member a bad thing? [closed]

One of our PCs was down and "bleeding out". It was my turn and no enemies were left alive, I chose not to help my party member due to me believing that my character doesn't care enough due to his past ...
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Should pc's level for killing one another 3.5? [closed]

I just started the book campaign "The Sunless Citadel" and everyone is new, not new to rpg just new to this particular fashion, they all love the fact I give "limited free will" but that's not the ...
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On Role-playing True-to-Canon Elves Despite Fellow Players Promoting Orcs [closed]

While I have read all the 3.5 sourcebooks -- and had some practically memorised, I haven't played that many campaigns. One of the few that I did, I went with a Lawful Neutral Grey Elf Wizard, and as ...
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