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How should I work with a player that doesn't take it seriously at all?

I am a GM and I really need advice regarding one of my players. I play with my group a campaign with FATE rules in a postapocalyptic dark and gritty homebrew world which is mainly horror based, ...
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How should I play my character (who is motivated to betray the party) and keep the game fun?

My friends and I are playing a custom quest where our goal is to stop Asmodeus from reaching god hood. However, my problem is that I am playing a Warlock (Lawful Evil) who is evil and worships ...
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What should I do about another player who randomly starts PVP?

Characters (both players, both level 9): Me: Life cleric and party healer/support "Barb": Beast barbarian with split personalities (in character) We have a player (let's say "Barb&...
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How should I respond to a player who roleplays too selfishly?

In our last session, a player of mine spent the last 30 min blowing up on me for "restricting" her character's story, and the story of the campaign, when I would not allow her to bring back another ...
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Can you prevent players using cantrips to tell whether a creature is disguised as an object?

As it is established in the question below that there is some distinction between a cantrip that targets a creature and targeting an object: What happens when a caster targets an object that looks ...
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How to have enemies that use tactics while also making sure that the encounter is fun for all players?

I am currently running a 5e game for a party of 5 players (level 3). I tend to make my enemies use tactics. My encounters involving a large number of low-CR enemies tend to have roles (so a tank, some ...
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How can I prevent the rogue from placing items in my character's backpack?

We've a rogue in the party with proficiency and magic items assisting their Sleight of Hand. With a +12 and always having advantage, they roll, on average, a 25. They have gotten to enjoy stealing ...
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How to build an evil campaign

I'm going to start DM'ing for the first time next week. When I got together with my group to figure out what type of game to play, when we got to alignment, I told them they either all needed to be ...
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What are good ways to resolve intense intra-party conflict without PvP?

The Short Version: An evil PC is killing town children during long rests. The town authorities have decided that they need him (and the rest of the group) to handle a big problem anyway. Several other ...
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How do I help a player terrified of their character dying in combat?

Relatively new DM with a group of 5 players (some with ttrpg experience, some not) through a twist on the essentials kit module. One absolute first time player is running a 3rd level rogue with low HP ...
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My DM asked me to stop roleplaying hostility toward another PC, but it fits my character

I started a D&D 3.5 campaign with some friends. One of the other characters is kind of a lone wolf and rarely cooperates with us: Doesn't share supplies Lets others take the risks Goes alone a ...
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How to properly introduce tension to a fanatically self-righteous character?

I'm running a game of D&D. One of the players made a very devout, snobby and self-righteous Paladin who is the last heir of a lesser noble House. He doesn't take kindly to threats or insults and ...
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How can I convey my disappointment in players ignoring huge hints

Yesterday's game was nice and intense, but at some point my fellow players disappointed me, heavily. We're not allowed to say technical things about the game. Basically we had this dragon that was ...
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I created a magic item for one character and another character took it

I'm DMing for a group of friends, and they rolled really high stats… except for the dragonborn warlock who ended up with a Constitution of 6 (-2). (We did use 4d6 drop lowest… the warlock was just ...
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How can I play a character who is scared without disrupting the gameplay?

I'm playing a character in a DnD setting who decided to become an adventurer because it sounded like fun, not seriously considering how dangerous it would be. Our DM has us running a campaign with a ...
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