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How can I make and enforce a rule that would prevent PvP fighting? [closed]

I'm having trouble keeping my group's barbarian from attacking the bard I'm the DM of a game consisting of a bunch of guys from school and a couple girls. I have some serious problems with this and ...
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Should the DM allow characters an equal opportunity to flee or avoid an encounter?

Last session I DMed, I killed a player's character. The party wanted to assassinate the main political figure in a town. To inspire general dislike, I made the political figure a racist thug. I run a ...
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My players want a tighter narrative, but have wandered off course. What now?

I started a new campaign yesterday for a smaller group of players that are new to pen and paper roll playing games. Before we started actually playing the players and I were talking about how P&...
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Can I keep playing a character who annoys other PCs?

Context This question is about an online community campaign. We are around 20 players who play in a persistent universe where anyone can run a game as a GM. The system is Pathfinder 2e and players can ...
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Is there any way to keep a player from killing an NPC?

I was running a one shot for friends and a player had gotten annoyed with an NPC that the other players really liked. This came to a head when after a combat encounter the Player decided to attack the ...
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How to convince players to trust me, as the player, after my character got possessed?

Recently during a session, my wizard was possessed and her personality was changed to to be, as described by the DM, "She's in charge, and doesn't like it when people don't listen to her. She'll do ...
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How can my PC avoid the effects of command?

I'm playing a barbarian. Another player's PC is a warlock. The warlock is constantly using the spell command on my barbarian, and it's annoying. How can my barbarian avoid the command spell's effects?
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Is it metagaming if I want to build a bomb?

In a hypothetical situation, I want to destroy a castle's walls. To do so I came up with the idea to build a bomb a la Saruman in LOTR. Perhaps my character would have to dig around for records on ...
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Managing New Player "Murder Hobos"

I am running a LMoP game for a group of new players, and everyone is having a great time. We are all very new to it all though - it's my first time running a prewritten campaign as a DM, (only had a ...
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How do I keep a party together without railroading?

Our campaign is off and running and is going really well. This is a large party, 8 in all. Things were going great until they got to one of the main cities. Since they've entered, they've been given ...
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Is it possible to betray the party in D&D?

I was just wondering, is it possible for one or more people to abandon/betray the rest of the party in D&D? Like, if they're offered a deal by the antagonist that they're obviously meant to say no ...
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How to deal with a Murder Hobo Paladin?

Our party has a Lawful Neutral Oathbreaker Paladin that has been very much a murder hobo from the beginning. We have been able to keep him in check in most cases but in our recent session he went off ...
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What's a Dominate Person between allies?

In a recent game of 10th level characters, we had a small issue in the group. To set the scene, my character was a serpentfolk witch, specializing in enchantment and specifically mind-magic. We had a ...
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How do I respond when players stray from my prepared material?

As a new DM I have had the problem of my players straying way off course to the point where it was not a easy fix problem that where I slowly can guide them back to the objective. An example of this ...
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Can a DM permanently kill a player character?

Currently my character is at 0 HP and doing death saves. The DM however, has said an Ogre is holding my character upside down by the legs and is going to potentially rip my character in half in the ...
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