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What should I do if my character is deeply related to a villain that they are loyal to (the villain has recently revealed themselves)?

I feel stuck as a character between a choice of my party or the villain. I know that I want to help the party, but my character is loyal to this person (who they had no idea of where they were) who ...
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My Character feels useless compared to the party

We’re playing Tomb of Annihilation. Three of us are goliath brothers. Me and another are barbarians and the other is a druid. Our newest player is an elf ranger. My backstory is that I come from a ...
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How can we streamline a game with seven players in DnD 5e?

The question is: how do I balance gameplay when it comes to initiative? The game is in person, every other week or so. My party is comprised of 7 players, two of whom are noobs. I, myself, and also ...
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Balancing help for homebrew warlock subclass

I have created a 5e warlock subclass heavily inspired by the leshen (specifically, an ancient leshen described in the Book of beautiful horrors). While overall I am very happy with the outcome, I ...
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How do I keep a party together when they have conflicting goals?

I'm running a Starfinder game, and we are 40 sessions into this campaign. The campaign involves the fate of a small but strategically important settlement, which several factions are vying for control ...
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How to involve a PC who just waits to be talked to?

Our group is running through a campaign setting where, among other things, Inquisitors are universally feared persecutors of magic users. (Shocking and original, I know.) The GM's girlfriend has just ...
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DM is asking me to drop my character because it is from A Song of Ice and Fire

Background I have started playing with a new group in a new D&D campaign. I have been reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books and really liked the Greyjoy plotlines, so I decided to make my ...
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How should I deal with a player who often asks the dice for advice and acts randomly?

Recently, my long-time friends and I started a new campaign. I'm one of the players. The player in question often suffers from My Guy Syndrome and their characters can usually be compared to a comic ...
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I want to nerf my character for roleplay purposes, but I fear I might have the "My Guy Syndrome"

I could use some assessment of my current situation. Do you think my current behaviour falls under the My Guy Syndrome and how do I best proceed in this situation? I have a group of friends with whom ...
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Can (and should) I do anything as a player to make a slow and scattered game more fun?

I'm in a relatively new D&D campaign where the momentum and pace of the game has been lacking, for me personally. My guess is "talk to the DM/group about it" may be all I can do, but ...
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How does my bard solve the problem without admitting he lied?

So, in my current campaign, the party has just gotten together and is trying to help out a convent that burned down. I'm playing a charismatic bard. The DM promised us we wouldn't die unless we did ...
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One game's great GM is another game's problem player-- How to handle for a novice GM?

I am a player in a long-term Pathfinder campaign which I like very much. The players in that campaign are myself, my fiance, the GM's fiance, and the GM's co-worker. We're all in our twenties, and I ...
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Handling witty jabs at the DM

Suppose as the adventure is about to kick-off the DM invites some discussion about what each character has been up to lately and after hearing each monologue embeds a bit of his own story telling into ...
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What are good ways to resolve intense intra-party conflict without PvP?

The Short Version: An evil PC is killing town children during long rests. The town authorities have decided that they need him (and the rest of the group) to handle a big problem anyway. Several other ...
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How to help a player create a character with more long term motivations?

I am currently DMing a campaign for a player that I will call Will and 2 others. To start off, Will is not really a problem player despite this question being tagged as such. He is engaged in the game,...
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