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Betrayed by my GM; how can I respond?

I was introduced to D&D three months ago and really delved into the world. I had so much fun creating my character and tried very hard to roleplay him differently from myself. I did my very best ...
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New girl gamer in our D&D group is causing weird tension - what to do?

I'm concerned because a new player just joined our D&D 5e group and is super flirty with all the male players (both in person and as her character - she's a bard). And the problem is that she's ...
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Evil Campaigns: How to explain the difference between being evil and being a jerk?

My friend has recently started running an evil campaign. His players are having serious difficulty telling the difference between comitting evil deeds and doing random things that are evil acts. ...
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PC ate a necklace of fireballs bead. How dead should they be?

So one of my loony players found a necklace of fireballs. He is a suicidally over-confidant Tiefling sorcerer. Against all logic and reason, and probably just to prove that he could, he ate one of ...
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As a player, I am approaching a situation where "My Guy" syndrome seems inevitable and almost appropriate. What can I do to soften any problems?

Alright, so this problem takes a bit of background to explain, but in a nutshell: Having talked with the other players in the group, and having seen how things play out in-session with the party, ...
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Dealing with (supposedly) in-character bullying

There is a member in our current gaming group that has been difficult to deal with and I would really appreciate some advice. For context: We are a group of four people, including the DM, and have ...
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My group member is displaying disturbing behavior, what do I do?

As the DM, I am becoming more and more deeply disturbed with one of our party members. Here’s a list of things he keeps doing. attacking party members tried to rape a widow (asked if he needed to ...
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My PCs have a plan that will get them all killed; how and why should I save them?

Related: How do I help my players figure out how to stay alive in a realistically-deadly sandbox campaign? I am running a sandbox game for a group of players who are used to more traditional ...
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How to deal with a player who is a bad sport?

I have a dedicated gaming group that meets every Sunday. We have been playing regularly for over a year now. It's small, just 5 of us including the current DM. We all rotate DM position per campaign ...
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My player wants to watch the world burn

Several times I've had experiences where I was running a fairly standard campaign, and I got a player who wanted to, essentially, watch the world burn. I had a character who offered up his life force ...
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Dealing with PC that constantly lies to NPCs

I have a player playing a rogue in her first RPG, and she is constantly lying to NPCs. She says it is one of her character flaws and I like that she is playing the character to the fullest, but she ...
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Help, a player won't stop hitting on every female NPC!

I wanted to play a female GMPC to guide the party through the story. It was also during this time that one of the characters had died also and been replaced by a new character. Within minutes of ...
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How can I tell the DM that I wasn't having fun and that I fault him for it?

Yesterday I was playing a one-shot DnD 5e and didn't expect that I would become salty. The Adventure The one-shot started at level 5 and I made a Sharpshooter\Fighter and my character was Neutral Good....
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How to deal with anti-authoritarian player characters?

One player I infrequently role play with (let's call him Bob) seems to have a bit of an issue with authority - or at the very least he likes playing characters who do. It's not that he does not ...
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I unknowingly guessed what will happen next in the module and it's angering the DM

I'm playing D&D with a group of friends. Since some of us are new we picked a module that would be easy play. This is a module that I have never played before. While playing through the module, my ...
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