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In D&D 3.5, what happens when you plop a headband of intellect on an animal?

Prompted by a discussion in comments here The animal type states: Intelligence score of 1 or 2 (no creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher can be an animal). A headband of intellect adds ...
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Will Improved Trip & Knock-Down yield up to 3 actions per attack?

Odd question... Since with Improved Trip, If you trip an opponent in melee combat, you immediately get a melee attack against that opponent as if you hadn’t used your attack for the trip attempt. ...
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Does concealment allow a rogue to make sneak attack?

Can a rogue use cover or concealment in order to Hide, and thereafter make sneak attacks against enemies he is hidden from? For example: A rogue sneak attacks an ogre in melee, then runs behind a ...
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Can I make a jump to avoid an obstacle and still charge?

In a recent game, the situation came up where one of the players wanted to take a charge action. The path, however, was obstructed, and the player suggested that they jump as part of the charge. I don'...
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A character with a reach weapon also has the feat Improved Unarmed Strike; does he threaten all squares within 10' simultaneously?

Does the answer change depending on whether he has levels as a monk?
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Do Half-Dragons Count as True Dragons?

If the requirements to be a true dragon are have the dragon types and have age categories, then it seems like a half-red dragon human would be a true dragon right?
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How do I quickly find the official errata for any book?

When answering questions, I often find that I want to double-check that my answer is in-line with the most current version of the rules. Though I can often recognise that I need to check the errata ...
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If a touch spell misses, can it be retried until it hits?

According to the rules on touch spells in combat it seems like you just hold the charge if you miss, and then perform touch attacks as standard actions until the spell hits. You can continue to ...
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Does every instance of losing your Dexterity bonus to AC count as flat-footed even if it's not explicitly said?

My swordsage just got the maneuver Hand of Death: This maneuver functions only against flat-footed opponents. As part of this maneuver, you make a melee touch attack against your opponent. If this ...
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Can a Wizard learn to cast Cure Light Wounds from a bard scroll?

If a bard were to scribe Cure Light Wounds into a scroll, would it be possible for a Wizard to write it into his spellbook given that it's the arcane version of the spell? I know about Can a Sorcerer ...
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When do "per day" spell-like abilities recover in 3rd edition?

In D&D 3.0 and 3.5, when does a creature with spell-like abilities limited by "per day" uses regain their expired uses? At the beginning of the next new day? (i..e, at midnight, dusk, or dawn, ...
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How many Astral Constructs may exist at one time, created from the same manifester?

I can find nothing in the Expanded Psionics Handbook mentioning a limit on the number of astral constructs that can be manifested at one time. The duration of the Astral Construct power is 1 round / ...
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Where are the rules about what sources are primary?

Maybe it's just too early in the morning and my brain does not properly connect with the rest of the body, but... ...yes, this is a question about primary sources. What happened is I was talking with ...
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What is the rule preventing a Sneak Attack + Ice Darts combo?

I recently noticed this line in The Unseen Seer handbook. Note: This guide is built on the incorrect assumption that you are able to apply Sneak Attack on each attack made with spells like Scorching ...
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What is the correct price of cold iron?

DMG states on page 284: Weapons made of cold iron cost twice as much to make as their normal counterparts. Also, any magical enhancements cost an additional 2,000 gp. The Magic Item Compendium ...
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