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GMing for a hyper optimized character

One of my players loves building characters that are, for lack of a better term, broken. I don't mean he min/maxes them, I mean he builds characters that are way more powerful than they should be ...
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What is wrong with the Truenamer?

I have seen a lot of people say that the Truenamer does not work (such as this answer placing Truenamer at the bottom tier) or that it's terrible. As far as I can read and see, though, it seems to be ...
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What can I do to prevent a player from breaking the game?

Several of my friends are starting a game pretty soon, and one of the players is a great guy, and fun to play with EXCEPT, he plays with the objective of optimization, while everyone else plays much ...
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Is it ever okay to flat-out ban Tier 1 classes?

Background Trying to DM a party that has a Cleric, a Druid, and a Wizard (Tier 1 classes) together is pretty much difficult, especially whenever there is always one person that wants to make a Monk (....
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Is there enough disparity between the classes to put them into tiers?

I'm interested in the balance of this new edition's classes. Are casters still noticeably more effective in almost all situations than non casters?
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What tier are the Pathfinder classes?

I know what tiers are, but what tier are the various Pathfinder classes? This is about Pathfinder only, no 3.5 material is relevant. An ideal answer would cover all available (non-prestige) classes, ...
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How can I prevent casters from stealing the spotlight from non-casters?

I have been running a game of D&D and the group is split with two non magic users (Fighter, Barbarian), one quarter-caster (Paladin), one half-caster (Bard), and two full casters (Cleric, Wizard). ...
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Rules lawyers and how to deal with them

I've been running a Pathfinder campaign set in my own world for close to three years now. We play using a VTT system (d20pro) since all of my players aren't in the same state. Since the beginning I'd ...
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As a DM, how do you adjust the difficulty to create challenging encounters when your party is well constructed (aka Power Players)

I am a newbie DM and started DMing because our current DM was not bringing a nice and engaging story. I am doing really good on the role playing and storytelling, but my encounters had been nothing ...
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Is allowing Shot On The Run with a net to bag and drag a target in one turn overpowered?

So I am running a 9th-level 3.5e campaign for a mix of new and old players. Since not everyone has a handbook, I've been keeping generally to the SRD rule base, since all my players can look them up. ...
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What tier is the Kineticist?

What tier is Pathfinder's Kineticist? Why ought it to be classified in that tier? Some background: This lists the Kineticist as T5 alongside the monk, with another poster arguing it should be T4 ...
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Is succubus in savage species underpowered?

One of my friends mentioned wanting to play a succubus in a pathfinder game and wants to use the savage species succubus class for it though at a glance the succubus class in savage species seems ...
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How do I make a tanky Monk?

I do have some experience with D&D 3/4, but 5 is pretty much new territory for me. Now, from what I can remember, monks used to be kind of an inbetween pick - not the worst, but not really shining ...
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What tier is Pathfinder Unchained Monk?

I am currently looking for a play-by-chat Pathfinder game and am choosing a class. I am choosing between the Oracle and the Monk, both options sound cool. However, the Monk has a reputation of being ...
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Do Starfinder classes have different tiers of power?

I know that in 3.x (including Pathfinder) it's common to talk about different tiers of classes in terms of power and versatility. Does this also apply to Starfinder, and if so, what are they? I rarely ...
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