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What happens when you swap out a required feature to get into a PrC? [duplicate]

Say a Human Warlock-6/Mindbender-1 was to gain another level in Warlock and decided to swap out his Charm invocation (required for Mindbender entry) for the Flee the Scene invocation. Is this a legal ...
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What is wrong with the D&D 3.5 FAQ?

I've heard from several places that the D&D 3.5 FAQ is generally a bad place to find information about the rules of the game. I don't really understand this distrust, since it's an official ...
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Is it possible to achieve 9th level spells in 3 different progressions?

With just a little shenanigans, you can get 9th level in 2 progressions. I think Wizard 3 / Druid 3 / Mystic Theurge 10 / Arcane Hierophant 4 does the trick (If I am not mistaken - no books on me ...
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Apostle of Peace committed murder willingly. Now what?

The apostle of peace killed an orc. Willinglly. Justify as you wish that said orc is chaotic evil, that he eats newborn elf babies, whatever. They broke the vows. The vow of peace feat was stripped ...
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Can a Warlock become Neutral Good?

In my game group there is a player who plays a warlock-druid (1-1). He started as a warlock. He realized he was playing as an NG, but he took CN for the restrictions regarding the alignment of his ...
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How to get dodge & mobility without using up feats?

I want my 8th level character to become a Dervish on next level. Is it possible to get dodge and mobility without the need to get them as feats? I have several other feats, that I want to get earlier. ...
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Obtaining trap sense without class levels?

I would like to play a character who can bind the vestige Desharis, the Sprawling Soul, while also having the master of doors capstone feature of the silver key prestige class. The only way to do both ...
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Is it possible to consistently get spell levels faster than Clerics or Wizards?

In reference to mixing theurge classes with fast-progression classes like the Apostle of Peace, Blighter, or Ur-Preist this answer mentions that "Any time you get a spell level before a Cleric or ...
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Return once more to the Light Side

In my campaign a level 13 paladin PC is about battle a blackguard. Eventually, the paladin will realize the blackguard is a former colleague who fell from grace. I'm sure the player will want to turn ...
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Can I play a pure Ur-Priest?

I mean, of course I can do anything the DM allows, etc. But is there a rules-as-written sequence of events that ends with a character with only Ur-Priest levels? I.e. ECL = Ur-Priest class level. I ...
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Can a Psion become a Thrallherd, then drop Diplomacy with Psychic Reformation?

I have a Psion(Egoist)/Thrallherd with Psychic Reformation. I'm wondering whether I can use Psychic Reformation to drop the points in Diplomacy and the Inquisitor feat, and reassign the points to ...
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What are good options for a frontline melee with very limited source material?

I recently entered a Planescape campaign with a very rules heavy DM. I rolled stats in order, and now I have to make a character. As long as it stays within these sourcebooks and is neither a druid ...
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Having early access to Wild Shape but being able to Wild Shape into animals

I know that if you want to Wild Shape at a level before 5 when you get it as a regular Druid or a Wild Shape Ranger, there are a few options (Divine Minion, Totem Druid), but the downside to these ...
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Cloak Fighting, the Ultimate Deception... How to Build it?

I'm rolling up a new character, and had an idea for a character inspired by the novel Dance of Cloaks. In the novel, the main character fights like a rogue, but uses his cloaks to displace his ...
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Type changes confusing

So it goes like this: I am using the ghost template. I acquired the undead type. After this I applied the template Divine minion which states: Size and Type: The creature's type changes to outsider, ...
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