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How to handle a rules-lawyer player?

As a game master, what strategy/strategies seem to work well for handling players that have spent more time reading through the rule books than you have? While it's helpful at times to have the ...
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How do I handle a group that does not understand the 'assumption rule'?

1st rule of D&D (as of 3rd edition/pathfinder): The GM is the final arbiter on all rules. I understand this, completely, and do not disagree. That said, I'm having trouble with a group that doesn'...
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Is my DM a killjoy, or am I just a whining player?

I've been playing D&D 4E with a group of colleagues from work for about a year or so now. Whilst some of us were seasoned role players, and others had never played before at all - none of us had ...
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How do I encourage a GM to use the rules as written?

Related to this question, there are some game masters who either don't know the rules or ignore them properly. They come into conflict with rules lawyers, players who know the rules well and expect ...
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How to stop myself from interrupting the session to correct the DM's mistakes?

I like to think that admitting my mistake is the first step to learning. I learned the rules (features, traits, spells) fairly quickly and feel confident in my knowledge on how the rules as written ...
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Is studying rules and pointing out which ones we've stretched or broken ok?

My group is mostly new to Pathfinder (including the GM), and we sometimes take "Accidental Liberties" while playing. For instance, my character has a spear with the "Brace" feature. I had been using ...
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How to explain the mechanics of movement in the absence of a "move action"?

D&D 5e has actions, bonus actions, and reactions. People frequently also use the term move action when talking about the kinds of actions you can take during your turn. However, a “move action” ...
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My DM's ruled that all spells cast in armor are subject to Arcane Spell Failure. Can you change his mind?

My Fighter wants to multiclass into Bard, and continue wearing heavy armor; I'd just avoid spells with somatic components, since only spells with somatic Components worry about an armor's Arcane Spell ...
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What to do when you notice another player's mistake?

I happened to notice a mistake that one of the other players has been making a mistake that causes their character to be much more powerful than the rules dictate that they should be. I'm sure that ...
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Differences Between Freeform and Rules-heavy Roleplay

I am a relatively new DM...okay I actually haven't ever RUN a campaign. The closest I have come to was running a short, 2-encounter dungeon against Manticores and a Raksasha that summoned a Grey ...
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How can I convince my GM to add strength/dex modifiers to damage rolls?

A friend of mine is GMing a group that I am in. He has played once before but is a first time GM, and we are all first time players. While reading about combat after our first session, I learned that ...
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How long does the pushback function of Gust of Wind last? Have I been nerfed by the DM?

I'm a PC in a D&D 5e campaign being run by a friend. During an encounter with some mephits, I used Gust of Wind to try and keep them from swamping the group as we have no one in a tank role. The ...
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