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Timing of the Ready action when the trigger is associated with spell casting? [duplicate]

The Ready action occurs when the trigger finishes (PHB p.192): Sometimes you want to get the jump on a foe or wait for a particular circumstance before you act. To do so, you can take the Ready ...
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How to resolve multiple 'start of turn' triggers

There exist multiple spells/effects/mechanics that can trigger on the start of a character's turn. How in general should a DM rule the ordering, in cases where the order will matter? As an example: ...
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How to identify a spell being cast?

My players want to be able to identify a spell being cast by another spellcaster like it was possible in 3.5 with the Spellcraft skill. So are there any rules, spells, feats, class features or ...
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Can you use a readied action to teleport out of the way of a weapon attack?

Let's say that a player uses the ready action and says "If a character aims at me with a weapon, I'll use Teleport to move behind cover." What happens? Does this work? If not, please cite the rules ...
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Do reactions interrupt their triggers or not?

In the Player's Handbook, it is pretty clear that reactions normally interrupt the thing that they are reacting to. Xanathar's Guide to Everything, however, has explicitly changed all reactions to ...
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Mage Slayer vs Hold Person

Interesting scenario was posed to me by one of my players. A fighter with the mage slayer feat is within 5 feet of a mage who casts Hold Person on the fighter. The fighter fails his save (despite ...
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If I ready an action (spell) in response to a companion's attack, what is a fair GM ruling over the order of events?

In our campaign, I have a cleric who wished to use Ready an Action as his move. His idea behind this was that he wanted to ready Guiding Bolt and the condition he set was that, when one of the players ...
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If a spell caster loses concentration on Greater Invisibility, and an opponent has readied a reaction, what happens first?

As an example, both the spellcaster and the opponent ("the archer") have 1 hp remaining, so whoever completes their action first will knock the opponent unconscious. The spellcaster casts Create ...
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Does the Mage Slayer feat interrupt the triggering spell?

If a mage casts a spell within 5 feat of a character with the Mage Slayer feat, does the reaction of attacking the casting character go off first, or does the spell go off first? The Mage Slayer feat ...
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Can a creature react to being targeted by a missile attack from a non-Hidden foe?

Making an attack has the following structure: Choose a target. Determine modifiers. Resolve the attack (typically as a hit or miss) Consider a creature, standing near an ally, who could potentially ...
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Can a caster interrupt another caster from casting Time Stop by readying a Time Stop of their own?

If spellcaster A readies an action to cast time stop as soon as spellcaster B casts time stop, then on spellcaster B's turn they cast time stop, what happens? Who takes extra turns first? Also, can ...
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Can a readied attack trigger on fake spellcasting?

One of the bandit ready a melee attack against a wizard when he cast a spell. My PC knows something was off, and pulled a fake spellcasting (successful Performance). First, I agree that the ...
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What is the order of events when a Contingency spell is triggered by a reaction that pre-empts its trigger?

Suppose that my AC is normally 12, and with Mage Armor it is 15. I cast Contingency, with Mage armor as the contingent spell and a trigger of "when I cast a Shield spell". Later, an attacker fires an ...
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Can the target of a spell be identified before the spell is cast?

When a caster begins casting a spell, for the purpose of readying an action, can another character identify who the spell is targeting before it goes off, and thus react? If so, which of the ...
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