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Are peoples' competencies really as flat in D&D 5e as its math suggests?

Bounded accuracy is a major feature of the new system. It promises that bonuses to rolls won't grow too much throughout a character's career. And indeed, a first-level fighter would have an apex skill ...
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Weapon attacks compared with damaging cantrips?

Cantrips scale automatically with character level. Weapon attacks only scale with ability score and any extra attack features you might get. How could the damage of weapon attacks keep up?
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Is this houserule preventing effects from dropping creatures to below 1 HP if they make their save exploitable or broken?

I'm playing with the idea of adding a new house-rule to my sandbox-style game. The rule is as follows: If you succeed on a saving throw against an effect, that effect cannot make you drop below 1 ...
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Is this house-rule removing the increased effect of cantrips at higher character levels balanced?

As a D&D 5e GM and ex-D&D 3.5e GM, I have found that cantrips are too strong: After a certain level, they deal more damage than some level 1 spells. You can use them indefinitely. It makes a ...
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How does class balance change when I remove spellcasting?

Let's say I want to DM a hypothetical, low-magic, homebrew D&D 5e game, that pits weapon-wielding heroes against supernatural foes and evil sorcerers. Think Conan the Barbarian or Game of Thrones ...
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Are 5e Rangers competitive with other core classes?

Rangers have a lot of flavor and interesting utility spells and abilities. However, it's not clear from a quick reading of the class whether they are mechanically competitive. Their Beast Master ...
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How much of an issue is "Linear Fighters, Quadratic Wizards" in 2nd edition AD&D?

The concept of Linear Fighters, Quadratic Wizards is an issue that makes Fighters less useful in later editions. There is a question on here talking about the issue in 5e, and the issue in 3.5e is ...
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Has 5e fixed the balance problems of the monk at all?

Many people believe that the monk has balance issues (and is underpowered) in 3.5e and Pathfinder. The goal of this question is not to debate that point but to see what changes the Monk has undergone ...
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Would this hit/miss houserule be balanced with bounded accuracy?

Would this houserule be balanced with the bounded accuracy system? If an attack roll is made and "misses" by one, the defender takes a glancing blow. This glancing blow does not count as a ...
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Typically, how many combat encounters should a low-level party have before they are expected to take a long rest?

I'm trying to improve the pacing of my encounter design. (I suspect that I've been making them too easy for my players, or that I haven't been paying close enough attention to how many resources they ...
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Were "class tiers" in D&D and Pathfinder made on purpose?

As I read it everywhere, classes in the games I mentioned in the title differ in power a lot. This takes place in 3.5e and wasn't fixed in Pathfinder. Some search indicates that this problem isn't ...
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Does Pathfinder 2e fix the “linear fighters, quadratic wizards” problem?

This question about the playtest got the answer "we just do not know it yet". More than a year after the publication, what it the final answer? (if making a comparison to DnD 5e helps, use ...
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Do scimitars and rapiers count as swords for the magic items in the 5E DMG?

Are rapiers and scimitars considered swords for magic items like: Dancing Sword Defender Dragon Slayer Flame Tongue Frost Brand Giant Slayer Holy Avenger Luck Blade Nine Lives Stealer Sword of Life ...
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Will this PC always be more powerful than the others? [closed]

My players' characters are level 5 and about to catch up with Chapter 6 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen and start gaining levels again. Their party consists of a Forest Gnome Rogue Assassin with Talon* ...
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Are there Class Tiers in D&D 5e?

From this and this, I get that there are some (official?) tiers for classes in D&D 3.5e. Is there such a thing for D&D 5e? If there are, at least I expect them to be separated across class ...
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