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How do I transition my players from roll-playing to role-playing?

The context for this question is the same as this related question about spending time in town, but I am looking for sufficiently different advice so I thought it warranted its own question. I've ...
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How do I, as a player, encourage more role-playing in Adventurers League?

How do I, a player, best encourage more roleplaying in Adventurer's League? I'm not looking to overwhelm the other aspects of the game, but am wondering about elevating roleplay (and exploration, but ...
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How can I help/encourage a wizard player with their bookkeeping?

One of my players is playing their first caster in 5e and chose a wizard. Unbeknown to them, the wizard class comes with a fair amount of bookkeeping both in long rests and downtime with their spell ...
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How do I, as a player, encourage my fellow players to role play?

I am a player in a group of 5 +1 dm. Three of them are wonderful, as well as the DM. They role play, provide commentary, and are great sports when it comes to the game. The last two are a bit more ...
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Encouraging a shy player to immerse themselves and play their characters

I've been struggling to find various ways to help one of my players immerse themselves more into their character and the world at large. A little bit of background, I'm running DnD 5e, and this is my ...
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How to deal with player not having fun and not roleplaying?

First post here, so I apologize if I am breaking some conventions I am unaware of. I am currently running a group of six people through Tomb of Annihilation Spoiler Alert (follwing text may ...
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Tabletop Play Style Classification Schemes

People often present breakdowns claiming to enumerate the various types of tabletop player, such as the rule-lawyer and the power gamer. For example, "The lurker is generally a player who attends a ...
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Are there any good guides on how to roleplay, regardless of system? [closed]

I noticed a few weeks ago that I don't know of any good guides (books, podcasts, whatever) on how to roleplay. I've searched around for a bit, and couldn't find anything worthwhile. I'm looking for ...
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How can I prevent players ruining immersion?

Me and some friends are thinking of starting a D&D adventure, the problem is some of my friends already played D&D and some didn't... I will not be the DM (one of the experienced players will ...
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Are there any tutorials/educational courses for learning roleplaying games?

Recently, I've been working on a side project to get myself acquainted with Moodle (since I'm a future educator) that's essentially a nine-part tutorial on how to get started with tabletop games and ...
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How do I deal with my players not roleplaying at all? [duplicate]

I know I should "let them have fun" or something, but the game isn't really working. I'm GMing a pathfinder campaign, but this isn't system-dependent. My players aren't roleplaying at all. Ok, they ...
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How can we encourage a player who always plays characters like himself to try other kinds of characters?

In our group, where three of my friends and I play, one of my friends—let's call him John—always plays characters like himself, and always the same class: a swordfighter with psychic abilities. John ...
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How to get a un-creative player to get more into role playing

About six months ago myself and 2 of my friends started showing an interest in D&D. We would see funny memes about the "Murder Hobos" and imagined the funny stuff we could do. I took to it very ...
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Get players to actually role-play [duplicate]

We are a bunch of newbies, have just completed our first campaign and are one evening into the second campaign. It is now that I noticed that despite playing role-playing games, almost no one is ...
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How to encourage RP for my players [closed]

As a GM I've been running into several problems, one of them being that, my players more often than not can't roleplay for more that a few minutes, before the game become a dull "dice simulator". ...
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