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How to reconcile Tiefling's Infernal Legacy's Hellish Rebuke with melee warrior? [duplicate]

Infernal Legacy grants tieflings ability to cast Hellish Rebuke as a reaction at 3rd level, as if it was cast using a 2nd level spell slot. Hellish Rebuke as spell has Verbal and Somatic components. ...
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Is a Dexterity-based paladin build competitive with a Strength-based paladin as a front-line fighter?

After the release of Volo's Guide to Monsters, I was bantering with some friends about character concepts with the new races. One that came up was a Kobold Paladin—and once that seed was planted, the ...
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Where are errata posted/published?

Where will changes and fixes to guides and manuals for 5e be found? I'm interested in a grappler build, among others, and don't know where to look to see if the last bullet for the grappler feat has ...
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Can I cast spells that require a material component and still hold my hammer and shield?

I have a human cleric (war domain) with the War Caster feat. She holds a warhammer and a shield. Am I able to cast spells that require a material component and still hold my hammer and shield? If not,...
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Can a wizard using an arcane focus quarterstaff and a shield still cast somatic component spells?

If there is a wizard that, by some means, has acquired proficiency in the use of shields, can said wizard use his shield in one hand and his arcane focus quarterstaff in the other and still cast ...
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With only one free hand, can I still cast spells with somatic components?

I have a doubt about this. I have had various answers and they contradict each other so I would like some clarity on this. I am a Cleric, I have a shield (which is also my focus), I want to wear my ...
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Do you need a free hand for your holy symbol if you're wearing it visibly?

I've been creating a Paladin who uses the Defense fighting style while wielding two weapons (instead of the more common Dueling style with weapon and shield). However, I was worried that spell ...
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Can an Artificer cast V,S spells with no free hand

Just seeking to clear up a bit of confusion. There seems to be a lot of points and counter points floating around so I will start at the beginning. As I understand it a Artificer (RAW but perhaps not ...
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Can you use two wands to cast one spell?

Basically, in the May 2019 Artificer UA (Unearthed Arcana: the Artificer Returns), the Artificer got two mutually-exclusive ways to enhance a non-magical wand to improve the spells it casts: the Wand ...
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Can I cast spells with one hand and wield a sword with another?

I’m starting to play as Hexblade warlock and I have some kind of a brain lag. Can I wield a sword and cast spells with my free hand? Since my sword can be a spellcasting focus and I can perform ...
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Can I cast spells with material components while wielding a two-handed weapon without the Improved Pact Weapon invocation?

I plan on creating a Hexblade warlock. I want to use a two-handed weapon by level 3 and until then a longsword. I won't use a shield. So if I cast a spell without any material components, I won't have ...
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Does a caster need a free hand to cast a spell from a spell scroll?

Does a caster need a free hand to cast a spell from a spell scroll? What if they have the War Caster feat?
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Spellcasting and interactions with S/M components when hands are in use

Let's say I've got a creature who has a shield in one hand and their focus in another. They also have the war caster feat They'd like to cast a spell requiring a Material component with cost/that ...
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