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Can a "staff arcane focus" also act like a Quarterstaff? [duplicate]

Can I use a Quarterstaff as an Arcane Focus (Staff)? In my opinion it would make sense. They both even have the same weight! The reason I'm asking this is because I'm making a wizard and it would ...
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Why would a druid use a sickle instead of a scimitar?

I am brand-new to D&D, and I'm trying to roll a Druid character. I'm looking at weapon proficiencies, and I see that Druids are proficient in both sickles and scimitars. When I checked in the ...
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What is the difference between an Arcane Focus and a Component Pouch?

Reading through the Player's Handbook, I've noticed that the Sorceror, Warlock and Wizard classes can all take either an arcane focus or a component pouch. My understanding is that an arcane focus ...
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What is allowed to be an Arcane focus?

Reading the PHB chapter 5 equipment pg. 151. It describes an arcane focus as such: Arcane Focus. An arcane focus is a special item — an orb, a crystal, a rod, a specially constructed staff, a wand ...
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Can an Elven Wizard use a bow for an arcane focus?

If an elven wizard had proficiency in a bow, could he use that as his arcane focus?
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Can a spellcaster use a focus not specified by his or her class?

The question speaks for itself, but here are a few examples: My cleric's holy symbol is broken, but she still has an arcane orb. My bard wants to sing and speak instead of using instruments, and ...
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Is it possible to use a weapon as a normal weapon and an arcane focus at the same time?

I am relatively new to D&D, and am currently creating my very first PC, a Tiefling Sorcerer with a Draconic Origin. As I was working on my weapons and items, I got into what an arcane focus is and ...
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Can a Monk utilize touch based cantrips with their Unarmed Attacks?

While preparing for my group's first 5e game I was looking at the different classes and stumbled on a question I couldn't answer. For this example I will use druid as the class that the monk multi-...
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Can a multiclass Cleric/Warlock hold a Holy Shield and an Arcane Staff and still cast spells?

The PHB (pg. 151) states that a Cleric may use a shield with a holy symbol as a spellcasting focus: A cleric or paladin can use a holy symbol as a spellcasting focus, as described in chapter 10....
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Is a staff from background starting equipment counted as a quarterstaff or an improvised weapon?

When selecting the background for my Sorcerer, I chose Outlander (PHB, p. 136-137). This background gives a "staff" for starting equipment (among other things). Does the staff act like a quarterstaff ...
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Is a Scythe a heavy weapon or no? [closed]

I'm new to D&D (I've played Palladium before though) and looking through the weapons for the character I'm making I noticed something confusing about the scythe. The stats I have call it a heavy ...
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Can I use an Arcane Focus used as a Quarterstaff as my Pact Weapon?

As per Can the arcane/druidic focus staff double as quarterstaff?, I understand that I can use an arcane focus staff as a quarterstaff. I was wondering then if there was any limitation on that same ...
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Dual wielder and polearm master feat combo, do I have it right?

The dual wielder feat allows me to use one-handed weapons for two-weapon fighting. The polearm master allows me to use my reaction when someone enters my reach. If I would be fighting with a ...
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What is the 'arcane focus' in my attacks/spells?

I am trying to play D&D and am making my first character sheet. I finished everything but one part is confusing me. I have everything done for my sorcerer character sheet and one of the attacks/...
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Druids, Focuses, Shields, and Spells involving a weapon

One of my players has a 2nd level Druid. He’s been casting shillelagh on his club, he’s also using a shield. I’ve been a little loose with the Druidic focus mechanics but I desire to be more precise ...
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