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How can my wizard cast Levitate, Invisibility and Magic Weapon and have them all active at the same time before a battle? [duplicate]

As I understand the Fifth Edition rules, my player character may only have one spell that requires concentration active and in place at a time. Levitate, invisibility, and magic weapon all require ...
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Any way to have 2 concentration spells active? [duplicate]

Is there any spell, item, or skill that allows a caster to maintain 2 concentration spells active at same time?
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Is there a way to maintain two concentration spells? [duplicate]

Assuming I play a high-level Wizard in D&D 5, with access to magic items and most of the published content. Is there a way for me to maintain two spells that normally both require concentration at ...
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What are the impacts of permitting casters to concentrate on 2 spells?

A common lament at tables I play at from players is often the inherent limitation on being able to maintain concentration on only one spell at a time. This doesn't just come from casters, but also ...
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Can the Portable Hole magic item be used to get around the 10-foot movement restriction on the Glyph of Warding spell?

The description of the Glyph of Warding spell states, in part (emphasis mine): When you cast this spell, you inscribe a glyph that later unleashes a magical effect. You inscribe it either on a ...
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What are the issues with an additional (limited) concentration slot instead of Bladesong?

My DM is frustrated with balancing encounters with my high AC as a Bladesinger and wants to make a modification for a more kiting/spell-heavy playstyle. The version of Bladesong my DM is looking to ...
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Can you deal damage to two targets each round, using Twinned Spell and Witch Bolt?

A small follow-up to this answer: if you cast Witch Bolt + Twinned Spell, when you use your action to deal WB damage on your next turn, do you deal damage to both targets or to one? I lean towards the ...
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What is the highest possible unarmored AC?

What is the highest possible AC a character can get by themselves with no armor and no shield? Constraints: Must be obtainable with a single character, by themselves, with no help from any other ...
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Who is considered to be the caster of the spell coming from a triggered Spell Glyph?

Spell Glyph. You can store a prepared spell of 3rd level or lower in the glyph by casting it as part of creating the glyph. The spell must target a single creature or an area. The spell being ...
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Can multiple castings of Glyph of Warding be used to activate multiple "Smite" spells on the same triggering attack?

Suppose a character has cast multiple Glyph of Warding spells, each with a different "Smite" spell (such as Searing Smite and Thunderous Smite). Assume the character somehow has access to ...
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