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Sneak attacks per round [duplicate]

I attacked someone that is prone. So I attack with advantage plus sneak attack. Then in his turn he leaves my space which grants me an opportunity attack. Here's my question: does that opportunity ...
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Can a Rogue apply sneak attack on a reaction/opportunity attack? [duplicate]

The 5e PHB says a Rogue can only apply Sneak Attack (given the conditions are met) once per turn. Does this differentiate between the Rogue's turn and the entire combat round? If the Rogue gets to ...
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Can Colossus Slayer kick in more than once per round? [duplicate]

We have a Ranger and a Battlemaster in the party, and the Ranger thinks that he can benefit from the Colossus Slayer bonus to damage both during his Action and again later in that same round if the ...
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Do/did any major RPGs have "hidden rules" or "spells that do things other than what they say"?

It is extremely common for answers on this site to quote either "There are no hidden rules", "Spells do only what they say they do", or often both (example), almost always ...
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When is the Battle Master fighter's Commander's Strike maneuver worth it?

I have been playing a Fighter with the Battle Master archetype (PHB, p. 73-74), and most of my companions in my party are new to the game. I was trying to play a supportive-type character, even if I'm ...
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Can you really stack all of this on an Opportunity Attack?

I've stumbled upon a character idea which has quite the potentially to screw someone if they run from you, and I want to know if it is legal in the rules. A high elf rogue/cleric with the booming ...
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How does the Savage Attacker feat interact with opportunity attacks?

The Savage Attacker feat (PHB, p. 169) states that you can reroll a melee weapon's damage dice "once per turn". If I used Savage Attacker on my turn, and then I get an opportunity attack when an ...
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What is the highest number of sneak attacks that a Pure/High Level Rogue (Level 17+) can make in one round?

Rogues only get one sneak attack per turn. Which means that they can only get it once on their turn and once with their reaction (through Sentinel or a Battle Master's Commander's Strike or an Attack ...
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What are the mechanics of an Arcane Trickster using an Owl familiar's Flyby ability to gain Sneak Attack?

I'm coming from a 5e campaign where there were house rules for a lot of things, including familiars, and I'm trying to understand exactly how an Arcane Trickster would use an Owl familiar's Flyby ...
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Can I Sneak Attack with a bonus action, then Ready another Sneak Attack?

I have a twf rogue with throwing daggers. I use my bonus action to sneak attack an enemy. Can I Ready action after I use a bonus action? Does Readying action count as a separate turn? Can I attack ...
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How to maximize Monk DPR?

I tacked the question above at the end of this question, but realised that it's probably best to ask in a separate post altogether. My current strategy for maxing Monk DPR is to take 3 levels of ...
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Does the Hunter ranger's Colossus Slayer feature work with an opportunity attack?

The Hunter ranger (Player's Handbook, p. 93) can choose the Colossus Slayer option for their 3rd-level Hunter's Prey feature. Suppose that on my turn, my Hunter ranger hits my opponent and gets to use ...
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Do the temporary hit points from the Battlerager barbarian's Reckless Abandon stack if I make multiple attacks on my turn?

If I'm a Battlerager barbarian (from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, p. 121) and make 3 attacks on my turn while using Reckless Attack and raging, do I get 5 temporary HP total, or 5 temp HP per ...
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Multiclassing - Extra Attacks and Sneak Attacks

So, I'm playing a level 5 Fighter Battle Master. I'm thinking about multiclassing with Rogue, for the Sneak Attack. I'll use a rapier, since it has 1d8 damage and acuity. At level 5/1 (Fighter/Rogue) ...
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Crusher and opportunity attacks

Crusher feat says: Once per turn, when you hit a creature with an attack that deals bludgeoning damage, you can move it 5 feet to an unoccupied space, provided the target is no more than one size ...
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Is Booming Blade that unbalanced? How could it be rebalanced? [closed]

Up until now, we had quite the terrible party lineup (a Rogue, two Paladins and a Barbarian; we soon discovered the game is simply not enjoyable without casters), and we all decided to fix this by ...
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