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Can Dispel Magic stop a Channel Divinity? [duplicate]

The spell Dispel Magic reads: Choose one creature, object, or magical effect within range. Any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target ends. For each spell of 4th level or higher on the target, ...
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Using Dispel magic on Cleric's Divine Domain: Shadow, Favor of Darkness ability [duplicate]

Text on Dispel magic Choose one creature, object, or magical effect within range. Any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target ends. For each spell of 4th level or higher on the target, make ...
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Does Dispel Magic end the spell for everyone affected or just the target?

An opposing Cleric casts Bless on 3 of its allies who then immediately move around the battlefield to start attacking. Concerned that the buff will create an issue, I cast Dispel Magic on the nearest ...
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How does nondetection interact with School of Divination's Portent?

As the title suggests, me and some friends had a disussion on this. First, here is the RAW from PHB on Portent (PHB 116): Starting at 2nd leel when you choose this school, glimpses of the future ...
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Are the natural weapon attacks of a druid in Wild Shape magical?

The description for the druid's Wild Shape feature (Player's Handbook, p. 66) declares that the transformation is magical: Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape ...
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How can a black dragon's Darkness Lair Action be overcome?

Adult and Ancient Black Dragons have access to the following Lair Action when in their lairs: Magical darkness spreads from a point the dragon chooses within 60 feet of it, filling a 15-foot-radius ...
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Can the Fortress spell be dispelled?

Does Dispel Magic work against the Mighty Fortress spell? My GM and I couldn't decide what to do.
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Can wild magic aging or height effects be reverted, and if so how?

My wild magic sorcerer just got dropped to 12 years old by a series of (un)lucky rolls. We found no rules about aging, so my DM had to get creative to address this. This is our first 5e run, and while ...
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How exactly does the Dispel Magic spell work against magical effects?

There has been a lot of debate in my D&D group about the specific wording of Dispel Magic which were not answered by the D&D Sage Advice Compendium: Choose one creature, object, or magical ...
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Can you use Counterspell/Dispel Magic to prevent a druid from using Wild Shape? [duplicate]

Is it possible to use counterspell or dispel magic to prevent a druid from using Wild Shape or forcibly revert them to their original form?
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How can you selectively dispel spells?

Suppose an enemy have blur and slow cast on them. Can I use dispel magic to end the magical effect blur, without dispelling slow? The above spells are just examples. This question mainly ask about ...
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Can the Dispel Magic spell be used to dispel a familiar summoned by the Find Familiar spell?

Since you cast the find familiar spell to get a familiar, is the familiar a magical effect? And if that is true, would you be able to target the familiar with the dispel magic spell and get the ...
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Can you dispel the effects of a potion of heroism?

The potion of heroism says: For 1 hour after drinking it, you gain 10 temporary hit points that last for 1 hour. For the same duration, you are under the effect of the bless spell (no concentration ...
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When is a spell "on" a target for the purposes of Dispel Magic?

Suppose my character is currently under the effects of the Heat Metal spell (targeting his breastplate) and is also caught by the Entangle spell (i.e., I was in the Entangle area of effect when it was ...
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Can I choose to fail the ability check for Dispel Magic?

Suppose I want to cast Dispel Magic (at 3rd level) on a target that has one beneficial spell on it and one harmful spell on it. I only want to dispel the harmful spell and leave the beneficial spell ...
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