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How do I run combat when an enemy is hidden from the players?

Pretty simple situation. Next week my players are going to be fighting a black abishai. The black abishai has two abilities that concern this. First as an action it can cast darkness, second as a ...
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Who decides when you roll or take a passive perception check (especially for traps)?

I'm about to start playing DnD 5e with my family. I'm the DM and I'm totally new. I've read the PHB and have decided to do Grammy's Country Apple Pie as the first campaign. In the campaign, the ...
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If a guard is "on guard", should the "Active Perception" be rolled by the guard, instead of the "Passive Perception"?

Say we have 2 veteran guards, standing inside a room in a mansion, guarding the guild's treasure. These guards are "on duty"/"on guard" 'cause their job is obviously to constantly ...
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Can you use your passive perception while actively doing something else? [duplicate]

Say a player with a 16 passive perception is busy talking, fighting or even picking a lock, would they be able to passively perceive someone coming behind them or walking away from them?
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Passive Perception and Traps [duplicate]

My question is this: should passive or active perception be used for spotting traps? If you use passive, then the DM knows ahead of time whether or not a PC will spot a trap as no die roll is involved ...
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Should I use characters' passive Perception scores or ask for an active Perception check to detect hiding enemies?

I'm DMing for a party that constantly says stuff like "We'll walk slowly and carefully," or "We'll look around as we walk, to make sure there's nothing threatening or out of the ordinary." Say there'...
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Passive check and Gelatinous Cube Transparent traits

Since Gelatinous Cubes have the transparent trait, do you need to do an action perception check to spot it or you could use your passive perception? Transparent trait: Even when the cube is in ...
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Are all passive ability checks floors for active ability checks?

It's relatively well established that passive Perception acts as a floor (effectively a minimum) to an active Perception check. Does the same ruling apply to other skill/ability checks1 (i.e. not ...
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With the 2019 Sage Advice Compendium release, are Jeremy Crawford's tweets considered to be "official rulings"?

The 2019 Sage Advice Compendium has been released. Previously, the SAC has indicated that Jeremy Crawford's tweets were considered to be official rulings. Is this still true?
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Passive perception against hiding monster [duplicate]

Can someone explain how passive perception works against hiding monsters? For example, the adventurers are walking down a road and there are goblins hiding up ahead. Would I use a passive perception ...
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Does an unconscious creature still use its dexterity to avoid attacks?

Related - How does one dispatch a helpless opponent? Here's the unconscious condition description: Unconscious An unconscious creature is Incapacitated, can't move or speak, and is unaware of ...
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How does passive perception work [closed]

Total noob question, but the passive perception is confusing. I don't understand how to calculate it or use it, and I need help.
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Perception Check vs Passive Perception [duplicate]

I was wondering if someone might explain this to me... We were playing TFTYP last weekend and one of the players said that we've been doing Perception checks wrong all the time. Below is an example ...
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As the DM, how do I handle enemy NPC Perception when the party approaches them without being stealthy?

I have a little question. My players are following a group of bandits, but the players are not hiding, they are even riding horses. They reach a beach where the 5 bandits are preparing a boat to ...
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Pickpocketing - Use Passive Perception vs. Roll Perception Check [closed]

Character Alice wants to pickpocket Character Bob. If Bob isn't actively anticipating this (e.g., sitting & drinking some ale), does Bob roll a perception check or does Bob use his passive ...
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