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Why would I ever choose rolling hit points?

In DnD 5th edition, all classes seemingly have the option of rolling hit points -or- just increasing their hit points by a set value. That set value is defined as the dice roll's average, rounded up. ...
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What to do about PC rerolling for great stats?

I have a player who in the span of 3 sessions has gone through 5 characters (& made even more, some of which I told them not to play because the stats were too high), because they want "great" ...
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The group I DM for insists on rolled stats, but I don't want unbalanced PCs to cause group conflicts later

I'm going to be running a new campaign for my players, with our session 0 starting tomorrow. I was leaning towards the traditional ability score method of generation (roll 4d6, drop the lowest). I ...
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What are the odds of rolling specific ability score totals in D&D?

I am about to start running a new game in 5e and I hate all of the ways of determining ability scores. I have always felt that we play RPGs at least in part for the opportunity to pretend to be more ...
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What reason has been given for the "standard array" being lower than the expected average from the rolled method? [closed]

When one levels up and gets an increase in maximum hit points, one can either roll or take the average roll rounded up. Statistically, you're better off with the non-random method. For ability scores,...
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20 Stats at level 1 too powerful? [closed]

I'm starting a campaign with some people and we all rolled our stats. We all rolled really well. I even ended up nerfing my stats to avoid being too powerful overall. Nobody has any stats under 10 ...
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What are the considerations and balancing implications for not using the highest ability score available as the main combat stat?

I will be joining my first pen and paper group some time soon. Right now I am creating a character and rolled exceptionally well (using the 4d6, discarding lowest method) for the ability scores. I am ...
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Characters Created via dice rolls: Do I have a problem with vastly differing characters?

Background I recently started DMing a group of players for Pathfinder. They are completely new to the game (and roleplaying in general) and I'm rather new to Pathfinder and completely new to DMing. We ...
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Is there a way to duplicate the range & power of rolling stats with a homebrew point buy?

One of the benefits of traditional rolling stats (4d6 drop lowest) over point buy is that you have access to a wider array of stats. You can roll as high as an 18, and on rare occasions as low as a 3. ...
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How can I optimize my Fighter Samurai for my next campaign?

I'm about to finish LMOP 5E and move onto a homebrew campaign. With that said our DM allowed us to either keep or reroll new characters. Currently, I'm playing a Dual-Wielding Eladrin Fighter Samurai ...
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