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Can a Sorcerer/Wizard prepare spells from another person's spellbook? [duplicate]

Sam is a level 8 sorcerer that takes 1 level of wizard for his 9th level. He now has a wizard spellbook and all that. Walter the level 9 wizard has a thought. Walter hands Sam his own spellbook for a ...
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Can a Multiclass Wizard/Cleric learn a spell at their max spell level? [duplicate]

Take the following example. Level 1-3: Wizard Level 4: Cleric Level 5: Wizard => I learn two new spells Can I learn Fireball? (the arcane spell) There is a line on (p. 58) If you have more than ...
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Can a multiclass Wizard copy (and then use) a spell of a higher level than their Wizard level alone would permit? [duplicate]

The 5e rules for multiclassing (PHB p. 164) state that your spells known and prepared are based on your class level for each class, but your spell slots are based on your combined levels, which may ...
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What level spells can my Arcane Trickster 7/Wizard 1 copy into their spellbook? [duplicate]

I looked and can't seem to find my question so here it is. I have a 7th level rogue trickster, who has prepared 2nd level spells and 1st level spells. These of course are all spells known so he can ...
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Sorcerer/Wizard multiclass learned spells [duplicate]

My friend is playing a wizard/sorcerer (in a campaign I'm not in) and he's claiming this (irect quote from discord): you can learn any spell by either finding a scroll or copying it from another ...
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Can a wizard transcribe spells for which they only have spell slots? [duplicate]

In a campaign that i'm playing in, my my Wizard 3/Cleric 2 has come across some new spells, the one in question being a 3rd level spell. Because of multi classing rules, he has 3rd level slots, but no ...
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When multi-classing, can you always select any spell from either spell list, as long as you have the correct level slots to use it? [duplicate]

Apologies if this is a duplicate (or just common knowledge) but I found it hard coming up with a way to search for this succinctly enough to get a definitive answer and I haven't really played a ...
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Is it possible for a character at any level to cast all 44 Cantrips in one week without Magic Items?

As a DM, I enjoy [metaphorically] playing with fire. For no particular reason, I am considering introducing the following Rite to my campaign: Rites of Destruction. When the world was created, the ...
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Does a multiclass Sorcerer/Wizard have something that a single-class Wizard or Sorcerer doesn't have?

I have a character concept (for roleplaying reasons primarily) of a Sorcerer who started to study the Arcane in an intellectual way and gained a few levels as a Wizard. He is Sorcerer 3 / Wizard 3 now....
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Can you cast a 9th level spell if your multiclass spell slots have 9th level spell slots? [duplicate]

Say I play a Cleric 14/Paladin 6. I have the spell slots of a lvl 17 spellcaster, but can I cast the 9th level spells of the Cleric, or am I limited to 7th? Would this also work with other classes ...
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Can my sorcerer use a spellbook only to collect spells and scribe scrolls, not cast?

I have been playing a sorcerer that went to wizard school as part of his backstory and often refers to himself as a terrible wizard. So he has a spellbook that I’ve spent time and gold on. He is not ...
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Can a level 2 Wizard with 1st Level Spells use a Spell Scroll with a 3rd Level spell?

We are just starting out, and our level 2 Wizard acquired a scroll of Leomund's Tiny Hut, a 3rd level spell. Given that she is nowhere near being able to use this right now under normal circumstances, ...
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Can an Arcane Trickster Rogue learn all of the wizard spells from the low levels it has slots for?

My take on this is as follows: Arcane Trickster level 17 class ability allows for stealing spells somebody is casting (this isn't restricted to wizard spells). Skill is located on PHB pg. 98, ...
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If I multiclass into 2 or more spellcasting classes, how do I determine my known/prepared spells?

If I multiclass into 2 or more classes/subclasses that can cast spells, how do I determine what spells I know or can prepare? For instance, if I am playing a multiclassed character with 1 level in ...
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Multiclass Spellcaster: Do the involved classes share the same pool of spell slots?

Introduction The eldritch knight fighter (EK) in my game is contemplating whether to dip into wizard (Wiz) for more magical versatility in combat. Spell Slots The multiclassing spellcasting rules (...
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