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What are the Limits of the line of sight requirement in spells? [duplicate]

As wizard, would it be possible to use your familiar's line of sight as your own for spells such as Mirage Arcane which has a range of sight? Would You be able to use a telescope or spyglass to use ...
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Can you Misty Step to a location Familiar sees [duplicate]

Misty Step states that its range is limited by vision: You teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see. Find Familiar states that you can "see" through the Familiar's ...
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Casting spells that require sight through familiar sight [duplicate]

Here is the setup: I play a sorcerer and got blinded and deafened at the start of the combat I use my action to use my familiar's senses, which leaves me blinded and deafened, which I already am My ...
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Find Familiar and visual components to spells [duplicate]

Can i use my Familiar to get past the visual components of spells as with spells like misty step that specify "A point you can see within 30 ft"? "While your familiar is within 100 feet of you, you ...
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How does line of sight for spells work, accounting for familiars?

I had to make a call today and I'm wondering how this scenario should've gone down The map was a U-shaped hallway; the party was on the lower left of the U, with the enemies on the upper right. The ...
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Can a spell caster attack and/or cast spells while using a familiar's senses?

Similar to: Perception checks through a familiar's eyes Can I act normally while seeing through my familiar's eyes? While looking through a familiar's senses, the owner goes blind and deaf. Instead ...
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Can a familiar be used to satisfy the 30-foot requirement of the spell Locate Creature?

A wizard has seen through her familiar's eyes an NPC who was within 30 feet of the familiar, but more than 30 feet away from the wizard. Can the spell locate creature, cast by the aforementioned ...
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How does you seeing through a creature's eyes work exactly?

If you can see through another creature's eyes (such as a familiar or projected image), can you cast a spell which specifies "a creature you can see in range" on a creature you see through another ...
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Does Voice of the Chain Master allow casting certain spells from an isolated space?

An interesting question popped into my brain recently while researching the Pact of the Chain for a Genie Patron Warlock. Casual shenanigans aside, I was wondering if taking Voice of the Chain Master ...
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Is it possible to cast spells on places that can be seen through a familiar? [duplicate]

Is it possible to cast spells on places that can be seen through a familiar? A wizard is inside a room and their familiar is outside of it. An enemy is also outside, in front of the familiar. Would ...
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