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I don't fully understand two-handed weapons and using potions (or other items) [duplicate]

I don't understand exactly what the procedure is if a character wielding a two-handed weapon decides to use a potion or similar item that requires a free hand. The fact you need an action to drink the ...
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Can you cast spells with a Somatic component if you're holding a two-handed weapon?

I have a halfling cleric of Bahamut who wears his holy symbol as an amulet around his neck as a spellcasting focus (so material components are not an issue). However, as per this question, this does ...
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Can a character drop a weapon in order to cast a spell that is a reaction?

Suppose a Fighter/Wizard without the War Caster feat is wielding a sword and shield. If she is hit and wants to cast the Shield spell as a reaction (it has a somatic component), can she drop her ...
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Does the Eldritch Knight need the Warcaster feat to cast spells when using 2h or sword/shield?

Many of the spells that an Eldritch Knight can cast have a somatic component. If I am playing as an Eldritch Knight with a two-handed sword or weapon/shield combo, would I require the Warcaster feat? ...
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Does switching between using a versatile weapon one-handed to two-handed cost anything with regards to the action economy?

The versatile weapon property says (PHB, p. 147): Versatile. This weapon can be used with one or two hands. A damage value in parentheses appears with the property–the damage when the weapon is used ...
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Must a component pouch/focus be "out" to be handled, or can I keep it in my pocket?

When casting a spell with a material component, does one have to spend an object interaction taking the component pouch/focus out of wherever it's kept, or can it just be "handled" by touching it and ...
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Can you cast a spell with a Somatic component if you're attacking with a two-handed weapon? [duplicate]

The related question – Can you cast spells with a Somatic component if you're holding a two-handed weapon? – says that you can cast a spell if you're holding a 2H weapon. The PHB Errata says: ...
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Can I cast spells with material components while wielding a two-handed weapon without the Improved Pact Weapon invocation?

I plan on creating a Hexblade warlock. I want to use a two-handed weapon by level 3 and until then a longsword. I won't use a shield. So if I cast a spell without any material components, I won't have ...
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Using Extra Attack feature with two-handed weapon and additional thrown weapon

As the title states, I have a question about how the rules handle using the Extra Attack class feature to make two separate attacks with a two-handed weapon and a thrown weapon. PHB Errata. Two-...
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How does the weapon attack as a bonus action mentioned in the Eldritch Knight's War Magic feature work?

How does the weapon attack as a bonus action mentioned in the Eldritch Knight's War Magic feature work? As an example, if I have a longsword in my main hand and cast a cantrip (or higher-level spell, ...
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How does the second bullet point of the War Caster feat change the ability to cast spells while holding weapons?

The second bullet point of the War Caster feat reads as follows (PHB, p. 170): You can perform the somatic components of spells even when you have a weapons or a shield in one or both hands. ...
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Does Improved Pact Weapon allow casting a spell with somatic and material components using a Heavy-crossbow as the focus?

As stated in the title, I've read about casting spells with somatic component with two-handed weapons here. The thing is that the Xanathar's warlock invocation [Improved Pact Weapon] says that you can ...
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Can I change grip on a two-handed weapon if it's not my turn? [duplicate]

Picture this scenario: I am standing in front of an enemy, brandishing my massive, two-handed greataxe. I expect the enemy to flee, and am already salivating at the opportunity attack I shall unleash. ...
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