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Paladin mounts for protection / tanking?

My paladin just hit level 5, and in addition to endless Zone of Truth callbacks and learning the heartbreaking truth about Moonbeam, I'm pumped about summoning my first mount. My character is a tank ...
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For Ring of Shooting Stars, can Ball Lightning affect a creature when you move it into their space?

The Ring of Shooting Stars has the following feature (emphasis mine): Ball Lightning. You can expend 2 charges as an action to create one to four 3-foot-diameter spheres of lightning. The more ...
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Can an area of effect spell cause damage to the same target multiple times a round? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I asked a question regarding the spell Sickening Radiance. The most upvoted answer satisfied the question, but it also added this small line: Yes, forcefully moving enemies into the area ...
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Impacts of changing all similar spells to work like Moonbeam or Flaming Sphere

A few things really bothers me in this game, one of them is the fact that static area damage spells can work in many different way for seemingly no reason. What I'd call damage timing : When does an ...
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Hallow spell blocking familiars/interactions with T1 party

I have a question regarding how a Hallow spell affects a T1 party. The most obvious interaction would seem to be blocking familiars since they are fey, fiend, or celestial. Does the Hallow spell with ...
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