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How can you heal friendly undead? [duplicate]

Is it possible to heal friendly undead in 5e DnD? What is the best way to do this? Any spells or class abilities ok. No magic items. Thanks!
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Is there any way for undead to heal? [duplicate]

So im playing a necromancer wizard and was wondering is there any way to heal my undead after battle?
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What are the mechanical consequences that arise for a PC with the undead creature type?

A tabaxi ranger/assassin in my game made a pact with an unknown power (homebrew deity-like undead necromancer from the Death Plane). To achieve this he became an undead tabaxi (and he took one level ...
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How can Pact of the Chain warlocks' familiars heal?

I've been looking around everywhere, but I cannot seem to find out how a Pact of the Chain warlock's familiar might recover hitpoints. Regular find familiar familiars only have 1 hp, so it's entirely ...
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Can the spell Spirit Shroud heal a zombie?

Can the spell Spirit Shroud heal a zombie? The paladin in our party cast it and was upset that the DM would not let the necrotic damage each round heal our cleric's zombie.
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Does casting Beacon of Hope followed by Cure Wounds deal max damage against undead in the area?

If you cast beacon of hope and there are undead within the 30ft range, can you affect them and then cast cure wounds on them to deal a full 30 damage (3d10) to them?
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How might this undead player character type unbalance combat?

In a recent session, a player character in my game died. Due to events involved in the player's backstory and their attachment to the character, I offered to have the character rise from death as ...
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Can undead characters use healing spells as normal to heal other characters?

I've been trying to create a character (a Skeleton Bard using this homebrew race option) and I know that there are some spells that cannot heal the undead. But what about the other way around? As a ...
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Will an undead companion naturally recover Hit Points?

Here is the background. So, I am playing in a campaign where I have a homebrew spell with allows me a Zombie-like companion (basically a Zombie with additional HPs). If I cast the spell every 8 ...
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How does a Flameskull's Rejuvenation affect its rest?

Flameskulls are interesting creatures in that they combine three traits - they are undead, they have the Spellcasting trait with wizard spells and spell slots, and they are not killed at 0 HP. Rather,...
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