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Can Glyph of Warding be used with Gentle Repose?

The spell Glyph of Warding allows one to charge the glyph with a spell that is cast when the glyph is triggered: Spell Glyph. You can store a prepared spell of 3rd level or lower in the glyph by ...
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Can Simulacrum make a (living) duplicate of a dead creature, by RAW?

This is for a fairly absurd situation in which a party member (the cleric) has died and neither of the others can resurrect him, but one of the surviving party members is a wizard that can cast ...
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What would happen if my PC cast Dream on her unborn baby?

This is purely flavor for the game and holds no real impact on the overall story, but I thought it could be kind of fun. My character is currently only a few weeks pregnant so I don't think it would ...
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Can a creature stop trying to pass through a Prismatic Wall or take a pause?

If a player says they want to either step through the wall, charge through the wall or even put their hand through the wall, can they stop after the first (Red) layer's saving throw and pull back or ...
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Is a dead creature inside a Shambling Mound still Engulfed?

I was playing in a game where there was a shambling mound and after engulfing a creature and killing it, the creature goes about its turn and engulfs a second person. The DM didn't specify anything ...
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What is considered an object?

In the PHB, on page 193, the Use an Object action is described: Use an Object You normally interact with an object while doing something else, such as when you draw a sword as part of an ...
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How can I teleport with an unwilling creature?

It will happen sometimes that my party has captured and subdued a bad guy that we don't wish to kill (but do want to keep with us for interrogation or etc purposes). The bad guys are generally very ...
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Can monsters enter the area controlled by a character who is playing dead?

Normally in combat, you can neither move through a hostile creature's space (unless there is a big size difference or you use special optional actions like Overrun), nor can you end your movement in ...
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Do you have hit points while dead?

There are a few effects in D&D 5e that cause a creature to die without regard to its hit points. One of them is the exhaustion condition, which has the effect of "Death" on a character ...
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Does Power Word Kill kill druids in wild-shape?

Power Word Kill is a 9th level spell that "compel[s] a creature to die" as long as it has less than 100 hit points. If this is cast on a druid in wild-shape form with less than 100 HP, does the druid ...
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By a strict reading of RAW: does Revivify work?

Given the following two facts, through a strict RAW reading (a DM of course can and likely should handwave this issue), is a typical corpse a valid target of Revivify? Creatures are Objects. ...
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Does dying cause a creature explicitly to drop to zero hit points?

The typical way to die involves dropping to zero hit points first. But if something such as Power Word Kill, kills a creature instantly, is it specified in the rules that the creature “drops to zero ...
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Can you cast polymorph on a dead thing?

Can you polymorph a dead creature? If so, would the wounds sustained by the target's original form appear on the polymorphed form? A possible scenario would be you're hunting a stag on the king's ...
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Can you end your turn in the same space as an unconscious or dead creature? [duplicate]

The rules state: Whether a creature is a friend or an enemy, you can’t willingly end your move in its space. What happens if that creature has either been knocked unconscious or has been killed? Are ...
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Can a Sending (3rd level spell) contact a soul or just a living creature?

The bard in my group lost his mother and 2 sisters under mysterious circumstances. Unbeknownst to him (or them) his father traded the wife and children to Asmodeus in exchange for success in business. ...

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