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Can Glyph of Warding be used with Gentle Repose?

The spell Glyph of Warding allows one to charge the glyph with a spell that is cast when the glyph is triggered: Spell Glyph. You can store a prepared spell of 3rd level or lower in the glyph by ...
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For spells with multiple attack rolls, what happens if there are no targets left?

When are targets picked for spells with multiple "missiles"? tells us that you can (probably) resolve each "beam" or "ray" of, say, eldritch blast or scorching ray one after the other. ...
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How does "Know Age" work with bones?

In our campaign we're discovering items from an ancient civilization that nobody knows about, so we're digging around in search for clues about these people. We already know that they lived up to 600 ...
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What are the unintended or dangerous consequences of allowing spells that target and damage creatures to also target and damage corpses?

There have been quite a few questions about corpses and creatures, such as here where it is argued a dead creature is still a creature, here where the opposite is argued, and here where resurrecting ...
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