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Can you wear padded armor under chainmail with plate armor over it? [duplicate]

I mean realistically, historically, and definitely reasonably speaking, mail has been worn over a gambeson with plate armor over them for extra protection and doesn't hinder movement. So i mean how ...
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In D&D 5e is it possible to add a breastplate to leather armor for an AC bonus? [duplicate]

I just started playing D&D, and I'd like to know if it is possible to add a breastplate to leather armor for an AC bonus?
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Can I wear more than one enchanted piece of armor? [duplicate]

For example; a +5 chest piece, +5 gloves, etc. I don't have a 5e book to use anymore, I do have a 3.5 but I don't know if the rules have changed.
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Does natural armor stack with unarmored defense?

In D&D 5E, does natural armor stack with Unarmored Defense? We have a level 2 player character who wild shaped into an animal. The player said they could stack its natural armor with Unarmored ...
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Can the padding layer of chain or plate armor be worn separately?

The Player's Handbook states that both chainmail and full plate is worn over padding that protects from injuries that would happen if metal was worn on bare skin. For example for full plate: A ...
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Does the Sorcerer feature Draconic Resilience work with shields?

Sorcerers of the Draconic Bloodline have the following class feature (located in the Player's Handbook p. 102): Draconic Resilience [...] Additionally, parts of your skin are covered by a thin ...
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Are there other modifiers to AC?

My knowledge of D&D is primarily 3.5. In that edition, there were many modifiers that affect AC, Natural Armor, Deflection Modifier, Dodge Bonus, Insight Bonus, Luck Bonus, and Sacred Bonus. I ...
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Is partial armour an optional rule?

While running a campaign of D&D5e, one of my players wanted a helmet to give him a bonus AC. I told them that in D&D5e wearing a helmet doesn't give you an AC bonus. He pointed out in the D&...
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Can the AC bonuses of Bracers of Defense and Black Dragon Mask (HotDQ) stack?

I currently I am playing as a Draconic Sorcerer in our campaign. The group found the following items and I am the only one that can use them for their AC bonus abilities: Bracers of Defense (DMG page ...
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Does magic armor stack with a magic shield?

Does the magical bonus of armor and a shield stack? For example, would a PC with a +2 armor and a +2 shield be able to stack both bonuses?
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What creature(s) can a Moon Druid transform into that would benefit from their armor?

The description of the druid's Wild Shape feature says: Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before. [...] You choose whether ...
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Does the UA Mystic's Tough Hide bestial transformation (+2 AC) stack with the UA Warforged's Composite Plating trait (+1 AC)?

Unearthed Arcana: The Mystic Class contains the most recent version of the Mystic class (v3). One of the psionic disciplines listed is Bestial Form; one of its psionic effects is Bestial ...
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Does wearing magic items with armor affect AC negatively?

If I’m wearing a set of full plate armor and I replace the gauntlets with gauntlets of ogre strength do I lose the AC provided by the full plate as I’m no longer wearing a full set of full plate ...
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