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Can moonbeam cast through a wall of force? [duplicate]

Moonbeam states that: A silvery beam of pale light shines down in a 5-foot-radius, 40-foot-high cylinder centered on a point within range. Until the spell ends, dim light fills the cylinder. There ...
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Can you Misty Step past a Wall of Force? [duplicate]

A Wall of Force is invisible. Misty Step allows you to Teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see. Can you Misty Step past a Wall of Force?
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Can the Phantasmal Killer spell be cast on a target on the other side of a Wall of Force? [duplicate]

Wizard 1 casts wall of force which surrounds Wizard 2. Now both wizards have full cover against each other. For example, now they cannot cast fireball against each other, because "nothing can ...
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Can the Sickening Radiance spell pass through a Wall of Force? [duplicate]

The spell sickening radiance states: Dim, greenish light spreads within a 30-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range. Wall of force states: An invisible wall of force ...
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Can you summon a spiritual weapon into the bubble created by Bead of Force? Can whoever is inside cast charm person on someone outside the bubble? [duplicate]

The wording for Bead of Force says "Only breathable air can pass through the sphere's wall. No Attack or other Effect can." which obviously means that spells such as firebolt or ray of ...
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How can a BBEG deal with a Wall of Force and Sickening Radiance spell combo without trivializing it?

This question has already been asked in general form here, but was closed as too broad: "How to deal with broken combos?". I'm going to make an effort to make the scenario I'm asking about ...
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With the 2019 Sage Advice Compendium release, are Jeremy Crawford's tweets considered to be "official rulings"?

The 2019 Sage Advice Compendium has been released. Previously, the SAC has indicated that Jeremy Crawford's tweets were considered to be official rulings. Is this still true?
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Can a spell be cast through (semi) transparent things?

Abby, the little gnome illusionist, ran to the nearest window. Grabbing the windowsill, she stood up on tiptoe, getting her chin on it. Unfortunately, the rough, tinted glass hinders what could be ...
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Can sacred flame target someone that is behind total cover?

One of the rules for targeting spells in the Player's Handbook says that spells must have a clear path to the target: A Clear Path to the Target To target something, you must have a clear path to it, ...
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Do you need line of sight to cast spells on someone?

The rules on spellcasting contain the following section: A Clear Path to the Target To target something [with a spell], you must have a clear path to it, so it can't be behind total cover. If you ...
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Does the Wall of Force spell block teleportation?

Does the Wall of Force spell in 5e block teleportation? This does not seem to be addressed in the 5e spell description.
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How does Wall of Force grant cover?

Which mechanic of wall of force gives cover to creatures on either side of the wall? It grants a attributes similar to cover. It specifically states cover-like effects against physical and astral ...
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Can the Raulothim's Psychic Lance spell hit a creature behind full cover if you utter the creature's name?

The spell Raulothim's Psychic Lance (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, p. 21) can hit a creature without having to see it, so long as the caster utters the name of the target: You unleash a shimmering ...
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Can a creature see through a Wall of Force if See Invisibility is cast on them?

The text for Wall of Force says (emphasis mine): An Invisible wall of force springs into existence at a point you choose within range. [...] The text for See Invisibility says (emphasis mine): For ...
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Does the targeting rule for Telekinesis contradict general spellcasting targeting rules?

Telekinesis (PHB p. 280) When you cast the spell, and as your action each round for the duration, you can exert your will on one creature or object that you can see within range... where the ...
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