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Can a polymorphed creature use class features that don't require speech or hand gestures?

The Polymorph spell states (in part): The target’s game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast. It retains its alignment and personality....
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Could a famous object on the floor of the ocean have gone undiscovered for centuries?

In my setting, five meteors fell on the planet. Each meteor contained a very powerful magical gem. Four of those fell on land, and the gems were retrieved rather quickly. The last one fell in an ...
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Does Polymorph break attunements with prerequisites?

Some magic items have prerequisites for attunement, most commonly requiring a specific race, class, or alignment. According to the rules on attunement: A creature's attunement to an item ends if the ...
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Is there a way to remove a spellcaster's magic forever? [closed]

A spellcaster has gone and murder hobo'd and has gotten caught by the authorities. Now he faces either life imprisonment or capital punishment. However, as a third alternative, his spellcasting can ...
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How is True Polymorph not completely unbalanced?

How is True polymorph balanced in regards to any spell besides Wish? (Which is inherently unbalanced per design). Two example uses that seem unbalanced: A level 20 Warlock and Bard are having a talk ...
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Can you use a Dragon's Change Shape Ability to Turn Back Into Yourself?

If you are a level 20 Wizard who is True Polymorphed into an Ancient Brass Dragon, can you then use the Dragon's Change Shape ability to turn back into a level 20 Wizard, maintaining all your class ...
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Does a True Polymorphed player character continue to gain experience?

Suppose a 5th-level human wizard (let's call her Morgan) is subject to true polymorph, and the spell becomes permanent. While polymorphed, Morgan remains with the party and contributes to adventures. ...
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What are the circumstances of Traxigor's transformation and do they explain how he retained his magical abilities as an otter?

Traxigor is an archmage with a rather unique morphology, who is encountered during Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus: Traxigor was polymorphed into an otter years ago, and decided he preferred the ...
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What is a character's level after being True Polymorphed?

One of my players intends to cast 'True Polymorph' on himself to turn into a CR 16 Creature. What character level does he have in this form, if he has any at all? Is he level 16, and if so, can he ...
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Can a caster grant class levels to the target form of a True Polymorph?

This is a follow-on to: Does a caster under the effect of a True Polymorph spell retain their class levels? Assume we have a wizard who wants to check out a cave system where he or she can't fit ...
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Are spent spell slots maintained when True Polymorphing between two spellcasting forms?

True polymorph is a spell that allows you to take any form you want and it states that the targets game statistics are replaced by the new form statistics including also its mental ability scores. By ...
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What happens when I am True Polymorphed but the monster doesn't have any game statistics to replace mine?

The true polymorph spell description states that the target's game statistics are replaced with those of the new form. When I true polymorph into a monster such as archmage, or shadow assassin, ...
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