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How to handle a player who tries to actively use the Insight skill [duplicate]

I have a cleric player. Every time the party has an NPC dialog, he announces something like "I looked at him carefully, trying to understand if he is telling the truth", implying using Insight. ...
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How sould I handle NPC's betraying or lying to the party? [duplicate]

I'm fairly new both as a DM and a roleplayer. I got into it a year ago and not a long time after that i started my own campaign. We have been at it for about a year or so, 5 players and me, and it's ...
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How can metagaming retries on poor skill checks be prevented?

I'm sure every DM has had this happen: one PC is trying to find something cool on a dead monster's body. The player rolls poorly, and instead of accepting the paltry 2 copper pieces, the PC calls all ...
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Is it ok to lie to players rolling an insight?

I've just started DMing (D&D-5e). I have a question about the Insight mechanic. I've formulated this problem using D&D but the system is otherwise irrelevant (I'm talking about every ...
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When does a player have to state they are making a passive check?

So going off of these parts of passive checks "Such a check can represent the average result for a task done repeatedly, such as searching for secret doors over and over again, or can be used ...
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How do I handle players brute-forcing a skill until they succeed?

I have a NPC that hangs around with the PCs for a while. The players suspect that this NPC is hiding something. They are correct and I have no problem revealing it to them, if they properly manage to ...
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How to make deception by NPCs work in an engaging manner

We are playing in a world with a certain degree of realism. For me, this includes deception. Deception can be found anywhere: Making a small and probably inconsequential lie to make yourself look ...
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Is it possible to have an NPC insight check a PC's insight check? [closed]

Recently I was playing in a campaign and I decided to roll insight on an NPC. I rolled fairly high. But the DM then said the NPC was going to try to roll insight to discern whether I was insight ...
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How do I reward successful insight checks without giving away too much information?

I am currently running Princes of the Apocalypse for a small group, with a few of my own embellishments and alterations to characters. All the while, the players were not fully trusting of this. They ...
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How does failing a Sense Motive check against a Bluff affect your character's perception of the world?

There doesn't seem to be a concrete explanation for what happens to your character if you fail a Sense Motive check against a Bluff. I want to know the limits of failing a Sense Motive check, as well ...
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