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If somebody Counterspells a Counterspell, is the original spell cast successfully? [duplicate]

Assume Caster A casts fireball. Assume Caster B casts counterspell on A's fireball using his reaction. Now Caster A can use his reaction and also cast counterspell on Caster B's counterspell. Does ...
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Can you perform a reaction to somebody else's reaction? [duplicate]

Imagine Wizard A tries to cast fireball. Wizard B casts Counterspell as a reaction to try to nullify said fireball. Can Wizard C cast counterspell as a reaction to nullify Wizard B's counterspell? ...
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Can a caster Counterspell a Counterspell against a non-cantrip spell they cast? [duplicate]

If caster A (for example a wizard) casts a spell on their turn, and it is Counterspelled by another caster B, can the original caster Counterspell the first Counterspell? I am assuming that it is ...
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Do the rules on counterspells make it possible to virtually ensure your spell is always cast? [duplicate]

Do the rules on counterspells essentially make it possible to always have your spells succeed? (i.e...thus making high level one-on-one “cage match” wizarding duels simply a race to be first?) In ...
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When can your reaction be used? [duplicate]

I have an argument with my players every once in a while and it is always the same sincero. Character 1- I cast fireball Character 2- I cast counterspell Character 1- Well I counterspell your ...
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How can one spellcaster avoid complete lockdown via Counterspell against multiple other casters?

As a single spellcaster, fighting more than one enemy spellcaster with counterspell is very difficult, even if you are much more powerful then them. The reason for this is that they have enough ...
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Does a countered spell cost a spell slot?

When a spell caster is interrupted by a counterspell, does the countered spell use a spell slot? The spell description reads, in part: You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a ...
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When I cast Counterspell as a reaction to an enemy's Counterspell, do I do so before or after the enemy makes their spellcasting ability check?

If I cast disintegrate and the enemy casts counterspell, would I wait to see the outcome of the enemy's counterspell before I cast counterspell? Or would I have to just cast it without knowing (like ...
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Can a Wild Magic Sorcerer counterspell his own Wild Magic Surge?

Similar to Counterspell & Dispel Magic vs Wild Magic Surge, but more specific. According to the most-upvoted answer to the linked question above, a Wild Magic Surge can be countered if the effect ...
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Does Counterspell prevent from any further spells being cast on a given turn?

If my understanding is correct, a successful Counterspell not only negates the spell effect of the receiving caster, but also burns their spell slot. So if Bob the Bard attempts to cast Mass Healing ...
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Can you twin Counterspell in response to a Counterspell counter chain?

Scenario: Four spellcasters: 2v2 (Notation 1A 1B vs 2A 2B) 1A tries to cast a spell 2A uses his reaction to cast Counterspell to counter that spell 1B uses his reaction to cast Counterspell to ...
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Why can I cast a reaction spell on the same turn as an action spell, but not on the same turn as a bonus-action spell? [closed]

Jeremy Crawford mentions the following example in this Sage Advice column (reiterated in the Sage Advice Compendium): Cornelius the wizard is casting fireball on his turn, and his foe casts ...
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Can I Hold a Dispel Magic spell to counter Counterspell? [duplicate]

Recently, when fighting wizards and spell casters, I've taken to a little trick of using my Action to Hold Action. With this Held Action I have readied a Dispel Magic with a trigger of a spell being ...
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Take Reactions on your own turn?

In regards to Reaction based effects. Is there any way someone can use them on their own turn? Or is it invariably necessary for it to occur as a Reaction to something? For instance, if a character ...
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