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Why is the experience point progression in 5th edition D&D uneven? [duplicate]

Fifth edition D&D's experience progression is linear for the first few levels, then takes on an approximately parabolic relationship as shown in the graph on the lower left. However, the amount of ...
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Is there a mathematical formula to determine how much XP is needed per level?

Is there a mathematical formula to determine how much XP is needed per level? In other words Is there a consistent formula for determining how much XP is needed to go up to any given level? I ...
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Is the epic boon progression too fast?

The PHB's required XP for leveling can generally be described as, "For your next level, you'll need more than what was required for this level," with a notable exception between going from level 10 to ...
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How do I handle milestones for levels?

I understand the concept behind milestones, and what the DMG recommends. I was planning to use old fashioned XP-per-encounter for my campaign, but the more I read the more I prefer milestones. My ...
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How many arrows is an archer expected to fire by the end of the Tyranny of Dragons pair of adventures?

Tyranny of Dragons spans two supplements: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Rise of Tiamat If an archer was expected to buy all of their arrows up front, what is a reasonable estimate of how many arrows ...
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Do experience points in 5e continue to stack or do they get expended and leave carry over points towards the next level?

I run two campaigns and decided to run them differently based on the PC desires. In the combat-heavy war-torn campaign I expend all points except those over the leveling up threshold to make it ...
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What is the most reasonable conversion rate for a 5e "Gold for XP" house rule?

I am thinking about using a OSR-like XP for Gold rule for my next 5e campaign. Instead of handing out Combat or Quest XP, I want to use the following rule: Players can purchase XP / a level when ...
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What are reasonable age expectations for levels? [closed]

This is not a question about enforced limits but about plausible NPC reactions, to the PCs and how they explain other NPCs to the players. (Minimums more than maximums, since all a character has to ...
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How to handle levels when adding PCs between Lost Mine of Phandelver and Storm King's Thunder?

(If it's not obvious from the title, answers to this may have Storm King's Thunder spoilers, and possibly a couple Lost Mine of Phandelver spoilers.) Some background My regular playgroup consists of ...
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Would adding daily rolls for insanity to Curse of Strahd be excessive for a party of 6?

I'm planning to run Curse of Strahd for my D&D group after we finish our current campaign. It's a group of 6 players plus the DM. According to the book, six players is the recommended upper limit ...
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Is this homebrewed shield weapon balanced?

Relatively new player here who likes to theorycraft. Currently playing a homebrew campaign, and I'm thinking of making a backup character for if my current one (a Ranger, who AFAIK are known to be ...
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