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When being Unaware ends after surprise round? [duplicate]

In D&D 5e we have surprise round effective until it is ended. On that first round characters that are not surprised can act as in normal round. Those unaware of them (thus surprised) grant them ...
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How many Critical Hits for Assassinate? [duplicate]

I am currently Playing a Monk 8/ Rogue 4 The Rogue is an Assassin. pg97 of the PHB says that for assassinate the move In addition, any hit you score against a creature that is surprised is a ...
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How to properly initiate combat when leading with an assassination as an Assassin Rogue? [duplicate]

I'm somewhat new to the game so sorry if this question is a stupid one and my english isn't the best either so pls excuse that as well ^^. That being said, I'm unsure how initiating combat with an ...
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What happens when initiative allows a player to act before the player that started the combat?

This example is a somewhat simplified version of what happened during the last game I DMed for a bunch of friends. A party of PCs was trudging through the woods when they happened upon a very small ...
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What to do when surprise and a high initiative roll conflict with the narrative?

Consider the following situation. Two creatures A and B sneak up on a creature X, successfully remaining unnoticed by it. Without signalling this to B in any way, A then throws a dagger at X from its ...
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What's the maximum (average) damage that can be dealt in one round by a 20th level character with at least two levels of Fighter?

What is the most effective way to use a level 20 character's (with two or more levels in fighter for Action Surge ability) in order to maximize single target damage done in one round? Rules/...
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What advantages does hiding have?

It is possible to use the stealth skill to "hide" in D&D 5e. But are there any mechanical benefits to doing so? In combat, you gain advantage on an attack if your target can't see you, and confer ...
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What's the correct way to determine turn order in this situation?

The situation: Four orcs, sitting around a campfire, are spotted by the party. Two more orcs are in a tent a couple meters away. The orcs do not notice the party. A Wizard casts invisibility on ...
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What does Assassinate mean by "surprised", and can it be used multiple times?

I need some elaboration on what is covered by "surprised". The Assassin Rogue’s special feature “Assassinate” states: …In addition, if you (...) hit a creature that is surprised, you score a ...
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Does the Rogue's Assassinate feature grant criticals on multiple attacks?

Does the Rogue's Assassinate feature (auto-crit on surprised targets) allow for multiple crits if you make multiple attacks that round, either through two-weapon fighting or extra attacks gained ...
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Is there any way to remove Surprise?

At the beginning of an encounter, the DM determines which participants are surprised, then participants roll initiative. A feat like Alert allows a character to never be surprised while conscious. ...
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How many attacks and other techniques can I make with the actions I have as a multiclassed Monk 6/Fighter 2/Rogue 3?

I am playing a multiclassed wood elf with the Charlatan background; my class levels are Monk 6, Fighter 2, and Rogue 3. Does this mean on my turn this can happen: Attack 1: Shortbow 2d6 + dex + 2d6 (...
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Surprise, Assassinate, Dual Wield, Great Weapon Master loop and Skulker

I'm trying to find out if a particular surprise attack & assassination loop would work out: It is the rogue turn. He surprise attacks with 2 daggers at the same time. Does he get a surprise ...
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Does Assassinate come into play whenever the Rogue catches the target off guard?

The Assassinate ability under the Assassin subclass of Rogue states: Starting at 3rd level, you are at your deadliest when you get the drop on your enemies. You have advantage on attack rolls ...
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How does the Gloom Stalker ranger's Dread Ambusher feature interact with Surprise?

In D&D 5e, if a Gloom Stalker Ranger uses their Dread Ambusher feature's secondary attack on a creature during a surprise round (whether on the same target or a different one), is that creature ...

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