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Is there a limit to Rule 0?

Rule Zero: All other rules can be changed by the GM. I appreciate that there is a massive amount of work that goes into being a GM and the last thing that any GM wants or deserves is to have his ...
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What should I do about a religious player who refuses to accept the existence of multiple gods in D&D?

I am working on a campaign which I am going to run for a group of friends, all of whom are new to D&D. I was discussing available classes with one of the players, more specifically classes with ...
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Players argue and don't accept rulings to the point of arguments

I have been running a long, epic campaign for 2 years now. Players have come and gone over time; about half have stayed since the beginning. But since they acquired a higher level and well as ...
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How to deal with closed-minded rule lawyering players

I myself do not know if this is where I should be asking this, but I would appreciate it if I could have some insight from the more experienced GMs out there. I have a player in my D&D group, and ...
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How do I get a new player to stop rewriting my game to match his favorite fiction?

I have a D&D 5e game that I've been running for a year that is on pause because some players don't want to play online or go outside (stupid plague ruining my tabletop). So I offered my son and ...
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DM is asking me to drop my character because it is from A Song of Ice and Fire

Background I have started playing with a new group in a new D&D campaign. I have been reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books and really liked the Greyjoy plotlines, so I decided to make my ...
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Am I allowed to determine tenets of my contract as a warlock?

A friend of mine invited me to a short campaign. I chose to play as a Hexblade warlock since I thought that it would be interesting to have a sentient weapon as a patron. As part of my character I ...
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What are the creative limits of Prestidigitation?

In our current campaign we've come across a village where the locals and I do not share a language. Some people in the party have garnered some trust through this by playing music, or showing off toys....
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Was this “severe" metagaming or cheating per Adventurers League rules? [closed]

It is the night before our last session to finish Tomb of Annihilation. For the previous three sessions we had seen things in the tomb that gave us a clue to what creature we might face. [spoilers] ...
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How to solve players arguing with the GM over mechanics?

This is related to another post but the situation is a little different. I had a rocky session recently with my players. If you want to know more about that: this question gives some background. I ...
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What happened to Eladrin? Did something make them unavailable to play?

I made an Eladrin Ranger and the DM wouldn't allow it. I'm confused. Did something happen to Eladrin? I'm wondering because none of my three gaming groups' DMs would allow my character. They just ...
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What is Rule Zero? [closed]

What is "Rule Zero" as it relates to D&D 5e? I read How has D&D's guidance to DMs on when to extrapolate from written rules and when to improvise changed over time?, but it only ...
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Can a DM deny your background if it's from a book? [closed]

My Dungeon Master and I have been at arms for a week now since she allowed another player to kill me while I was away from the game, sick. Now that I've built my new character, she tells me that I ...
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Can a reaction interrupt multiattack?

Last night, an Owlbear attacked us. It was injured, then attacked my Warlock. Obviously it uses its Multiattack action (MM, pg. 249): Multiattack. The owlbear makes two attacks: one with its beak and ...
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Should a character get advantage on a roll for attacking someone with a spell from behind?

I was playing my weekly D&D game this weekend with my friends and we are kinda new. I ended up fighting my party and was engaged in combat with all 3 of them. The wizard in front of me cast ...
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