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Managing a Medieval Low Orbit Ion Cannon

Sometimes I hate my players. My table is currently composed of five diabolically inventive players. They come from a mixed IT/Engineering background, so more often than not, I have to deal with some ...
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How do I handle my players killing things by catapulting a folding boat?

So, I'm not sure where to begin... I planned some epic battle and "that guy" showed up and ruined it. He took a magical item I (stupidly) gave him (folding boat, DMG 170), cast Catapult (EE, p.15) on ...
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Player wants to steal items from previous character [closed]

I have been playing D&D with a group of my friends for a couple of years, where I have been a player, and soon we will finish our adventure and I will become DM. I want to run my adventure (...
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I gave my players far too much wealth and they have far too much power. What do I do to get things back on track?

Very recently I made a huge miscalculation during my D&D campaign. The players in my D&D campaign were chasing after several pieces of a broken magical item. They had been spending their ...
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My player wants to watch the world burn

Several times I've had experiences where I was running a fairly standard campaign, and I got a player who wanted to, essentially, watch the world burn. I had a character who offered up his life force ...
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How can I take a powerful plot item away from players without frustrating them?

I am GMing for a group of ex-College friends, who are quite new to role-playing (six month or so), in a custom universe using a lot of characters inspired by Arthurian legends, including the sorcerer ...
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I gave a too powerful magic item at too low level for a bad reason, what to do?

When a paladin in the game I run went into the local store ran by an ex adventurer, he went to the back to see the fancy swords, and asked if any looked like his holy symbol. The god he follows is ...
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How can a new DM deal with having given out overpowered weapons at a low level?

I am in a few campaigns, one of them has a DM who's never been a Dungeon Master before. Their grasp of the rules and how the game is played is sound but they are a bit of a pushover when it comes to ...
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How do I depower overpowered magic items without breaking immersion?

At one point my party cleric found a magic item that allowed him to pull anything smaller than the item out of it, like a Star Trek replicator. Now nothing is a challenge for him anymore. How would I ...
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Getting Rid of a Magic Item [duplicate]

In our 5e game, I was put on the spot for some loot the players were promised by a Hill Gnome. When it came time for their reward, I made up a dagger that can paralyze whatever it stabs, gave it to ...
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How do I adjust encounters to challenge my lycanthrope players without negating their cool new abilities?

Background: In my campaign, my players (each are level 5, having just finished LMOP, and have magic weapons) took up a quest for a group of lycanthropes, and as a reward, were bitten and granted ...
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What to do when the GM gives the party an overpowered item?

Recently our GM has given the party an item that could easily break the game for the rest of the campaign. We were given a Sap of Healing that deals 1d6 damage and after successfully hitting a target ...
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What can I do when I've introduced an overpowered plot element?

In my homebrew setting, one god gave his cultists the recipe for a special alloy, and a rival god gave to a kingdom that opposes the cultists the same recipe. The PCs acquired a warhammer made of ...
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How can I restore balance to this unbalanced party?

My campaign set in the Faerûn's Sword Coast consists of 5x level 7 PCs: a goliath barbarian armed with his tribe's ancient naginata a human paladin armed with a holy avenger a tiefling samurai armed ...
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Is there an official treasure generation method to limit magic item rolls based on dungeon level or some other factor?

I'm running an AD&D campaign for a party of usually-three PCs, who were first level until our most recent session. (As for what they are now, we'll get to that...) I have the 1e DMG (door cover) ...
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