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If a creature's size suddenly increases while it is inside a very small Sphere of Force (from Wall of Force) what happens? [duplicate]

Let's be very specific. Assume you have two casters. The first one casts polymorph on, lets say, a Kraken, and uses portent to assure a failed save. He turns the Kraken it into a regular 1/2 inch ...
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What happens when a Shapechanged Dragon enters an Antimagic Field inside a narrow space? [duplicate]

A rather simple question: if an Ancient Dragon uses it's Shapechange ability to transform into a medium-sized humanoid, and then has that Shapechange disabled/dispelled inside a narrow tunnel / small ...
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If a creature with change shape had changed and was in a cage too small for its original form, and then it changed back… [duplicate]

So, I’m thinking of a scenario where a Couatl is change shaped into a cat. And then put in a cage. It’s supposed to be trapped, but what would happen if it changed back into a Couatl? Would the cage ...
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What is "squeezing"?

This is probably really obvious, but I scoured the rulebooks and the SRD and I can't figure out what squeezing is. For example: Amorphous. The pudding can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch ...
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What happens when polymorph ends in a demiplane that is too small for the creature?

The Demiplane spell lets you create a permanent room 30 feet in any dimension as a separate plane, which would then be smaller than the Tarrasque. On the other side I may polymorph a Tarrasque into a ...
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Does a creature enlarging in a Bag of Holding get crushed or pop out?

If a player Polymorphs a Large creature into a Small creature, puts it in a Bag of Holding and closes it to suffocate it, then what happens when the creature polymorphs back into its original shape? ...
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What would happen if somebody ate a wild-shaped Druid, and then the Druid changed back inside them?

Let's say that a medium-sized Druid wild shapes into something like a fly (fine sized) and flies into a medium-sized NPC's mouth while they were talking, gets swallowed, and then wild-shapes back into ...
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What happens to the target of a Reduce spell if they are in a small container when the spell wears off?

Let's say that a Medium-size creature is targeted with the reduce part of the Enlarge/Reduce spell, and therefore reduced to a Small size, before being locked inside a container only just about large ...
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Polymorph Ending in Forcecage

What happens if you polymorph something like an elephant into a frog, and then place a forcecage around said frog with the polymorph spell ending before the forcecage does? Does the elephant just ...
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What happens when the Enlarge/Reduce spell is cast to reduce the size of a creature that has its hands and feet tied up to trees around it?

The Enlarge/Reduce spell indicates that when you enlarge a creature and there is not enough space available, it just grows to the maximum possible size given the space available. This effect seems to ...
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What space do I occupy after Polymorphing into a bigger creature?

Let's say I cast Polymorph on myself to turn into a Giant Ape (Huge size). Would the 3x3 space I now occupy necessarily be centered on my previous position? Or can I grow in a different direction so ...
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Wall of Force cutting through an immovable creature's occupied space

An adventurer cast Wall of Force around a Lich, imprisoning them inside a 5ft hemisphere. The Lich, having Wall of Force prepared too and not fearing death, tries to cast it from inside the hemisphere ...
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