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Does using the Lucky Feat to tranform disadvantage into super-advantage still work with a net? [duplicate]

In this question, it can be seen that using a luck point when doing something at a disadvantage essentially transforms it into super-advantage. Does this specific strategy still works when throwing a ...
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How does the Divination wizard's Portent feature interact with Advantage and Disadvantage?

The School of Divination wizard's Portent feature says, in part (Player's Handbook, page 116): You can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by you or a creature that you can ...
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Is this Homebrew Advantage rule broken?

I know about this suggestion. Mine is an even further extension of that, and I'm asking about whether there are any further issues and whether I've fixed Lucky. I find the way 5e handles multiple ...
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Is giving one side advantage always equivalent to giving disadvantage to the opponent?

Sometimes, players get advantage; sometimes, monsters get disadvantage. Sometimes it's not clear whether to give someone advantage or his opponent disadvantage, especially in improvised contests (PHB ...
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Does using an inspiration point give you automatic advantage, overriding even disadvantage?

I ran into this in my current campaign, in which I am the DM. My players were fighting a half-orc and one of them decided to use his Inspiration point to gain advantage on an attack roll. At the time, ...
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How does the Evocation wizard's Potent Cantrip feature interact with an enemy rogue's Evasion feature?

A 7th-level Evocation wizard hits a 7th level rogue with a cantrip that requires a Dex saving throw, like acid splash. The wizard has the Potent Cantrip feature that means any creature that succeeds ...
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How else can I get Advantage on Death Saving Throws?

I am trying to determine what conditions will create Advantage on a Death Saving Throw for a player character who drops to 0 hit points during combat. Thanks to the "Lucky" racial feature, a ...
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How many times can I roll my luck dice for the Lucky feat?

The description of the Lucky feat says, in part (PHB, p. 167): You have inexplicable luck that seems to kick in at just the right moment. You have 3 luck points. Whenever you make an attack roll, an ...
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Using 3d6 versus d20 for skill checks vis-à-vis advantage and Lucky

As a follow on to this question, now that people have gotten into the weeds and into the math on D&D's 5th edition, I am interested in seeing the impact on skill checks (only) of using 3d6 rather ...
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Are there any rules that specify that a player must roleplay their characters stats?

The rules make reference to only rolling when there is a chance of success or failure and that most things will either automatically succeed or automatically fail. It especially calls this out in ...
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Does the Lucky feat overrule the Halfling's Lucky trait?

Alright so I've heard talk of specific rules overruling generic rules, but both of these seem like specific rules to me. So the Halfling racial trait Lucky (which I'll call Halfling Luck from here on ...
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Is there ever a mechanic that causes advantage/disadvantage to stack and cause more than 2d20 to be rolled?

I am new to D&D 5th ed. I have purchased the books but not played in a group. One of the first big things I see is that advantage (or disadvantage) replace most of the die roll modifiers. Is ...
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How can a spell caster increase the probability that they can cast a spell from a scroll that is a higher level than they can cast?

From what I understand, even a level 1 wizard can try to read a wish scroll. But how can an adventurer increase their likelihood of doing so? To be clear, this does not necessarily mean in what way ...
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Must I pick the higher die when I roll with advantage?

I was reading the question and answers at Can someone decide to be hit?, and the answers spoke of using the rule of Advantage/Disavantage. Which got me thinking... We had a situation a few weeks ...
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How would this House Rule for combined Advantage/Disadvantage Impact Rolls?

According to the rules for Advantage/Disadvantage: If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, you are considered to have neither of them, and you roll one d20. This ...
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