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How do the rules handle dropping an extremely heavy object from far up to create an explosive effect? [duplicate]

The situation is as follows: Boris is a 13th level Illusion Wizard. Boris and his party have proximity to BBEG's hideout city and want to do as much damage as possible to both the city (buildings &...
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Heavy PC falling on enemies [duplicate]

I have a player who's playing as a Tortle (DND 5e) and weighs over 500 lbs. This combined with the ability for Tortles to hide in their shell led to some interesting crushing-related activities, and I ...
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What is the appropriate damage for landing on someone's head from a certain height [duplicate]

Is there guidance in any of the source books on damage taken when something falls on a creature? For my new Loxodon Monk (you may have read about him) I'm planning on Shadow Stepping to a ceiling (...
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How much damage should a beholder take if my character jumps onto it and slams it into the ground? [duplicate]

I was wondering how to rule something in my friend's campaign. We were fighting a modified beholder boss as a level 13 druid and a level 12 warlock. The fight was at a large summoning circle at the ...
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How much damage from a falling Orca? [duplicate]

Level 10 Circle of the Moon Druid has two uses of wild shape. At level 2 a player gets "combat wild shape" so you can choose to use your bonus action to transform. Combat starts, your first turn you ...
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Can a character use teleport as a weapon?

The player characters are fighting a large creature, let's say dragon sized, in a large area like the town's market square. A player decides he wants his character to point at a boulder (large but ...
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Can I use the Conjure Animals spell to drop cows on targets in order to deal damage to the targets?

Can cows that I conjure using the conjure animals spell fall onto targets, thereby dealing damage? The feys summoned by conjure animals take the shape of a beast (a cow, in this case). But since the ...
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Can Mage Hand drop Magic Stones on an enemy?

Can a warlock cast magic stone on 3 pebbles as a bonus action then subsequently cast mage hand to fly the stones over an enemy and drop them to deal 3d6 damage on hit? If so, what, if any, would be ...
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How should I set up and execute air battles in my session to avoid easy encounters?

I'm running the Storm King's Thunder campaign, and we are at the portion where the PCs get an airship to travel around in, the airship is about 1000ft in the air. There are approximately 5-6 lvl 7 PCs,...
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Does a dropped object take falling damage?

I see rules for falling creatures and the damage they take when struck by a falling object. But what about the object itself? Does a dropped object take falling damage? Context: someone dropped an ...
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What level would a weaponised version of Vortex Warp be?

In a campaign I recently misread the wording in the Vortex Warp spell, and was fighting a mounted knight. I used the spell to whip the horse out from under him and have it appear 90ft in the air above ...
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Does falling count as part of my movement? [duplicate]

I'm new to D&D. I've read certain answers to questions similar to mine, but I wish further clarification. If I, as a Winged Tiefling, fall onto an opponent as part of an attack, does the distance ...
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